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Pipelicious, a 3ds Max geometry plugin, allows users to create complex maze like pipe systems. This tools gives users the ability to auto align one pipe to the end of another. The pipes will automatically orient themselves to fit tightly against the end of the targeted pipe in real-time as users tweak and adjust the pipes parameters. Artists are given the controls to create both round and square piping. The tool comes with controls to create a variety of pipe shapes and lengths. Users are also given the ability to create angled pieces, angular or smooth. Artists can also create whimsical like piping with the ability to twist the pipes. Download the tool today.

Pipelicious v1.0
- End/Body circular to square blending
- Twisting controls
- Inside/Outside radius controls
- End/Body height controls
- End/Body segment controls
- Alignment operation
- Smart vertex removal methods

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