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       The Stitch tools  work on editable polyon object ,and create new faces between selected open edges(borders),which are mainly used to connect roads and terrain.

      In this update,stitch algorithm has been improved and enhanced,error probability is reduced greatly,no longer need to clear jags of borders but final triangluation is much better.

The red faces are that  the stitch tools create

The Stitch Tools work on Editable polygon object,the road and terrain must be single side polygon object.

  1. StitchPoly  If stitching happend between different objects or the border in same object can't be one-time selected,use the stitch tool  to do  stitching job.
    • Source Border:Specify the border from which stitching begin;
    • Dest Border:Specify the border to which stitching end;
    • Dest->Source:if checked ,the new created faces will be as a part of  the object  to which source border is belong. .
    • Relax: If checked,A relax dialog will be popped after stitching ,with which you can relax the new created faces.
    • MatID:as default ,the Material ID of new faces will be same as faces to  which source border  is belong . check the check box will active the spinner with which you can change the Material ID of new faces .
  2. QuickStitch If stitching happend on same object and borders can be easily selected,you can use the stitch tool to stitch them quickly.

 Here is a complete tutorial about  how to build roads on complex terrain:http://www.flyingcfx.com/enjoy/?p=882,but the  way connecting terrain to road is not the stitch tools beause the tutorial is earlier.

Note that:

  • The tools  are  one feature of TerrainAxe.To learn about TerrainAxe ,Click here
  • The tools  are  commercial  
  • The video shows only the situation with two borders,but actually ... you can try more,it will be a surprise
Additional Info: 

12.28 Poly Stitch tools(StitchPoly and QuickStich) are now available in Basic version of TerrainAxe

Please download and try.


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