Polygon Tools

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Polygon Tools are scripts pack for checking 3D-model during modeling and UV-mapping process in 3ds max.

Target audience: enthusiasts, beginning 3D-modelers, outsource managers, Art QA, art-managers and etc.

Polygon Tools was created to facilitate common problems search in 3D-models and speed up the work by reducing the amount of routine work.


Short Features List:

  • Semi-automatic check list
  • Semi-automatic fix common problems
  • Extended models statistics
  • Get Texel Density of your models
  • Get Texel distortion in specified range
  • Get polygons and UV-shells with problems
  • Set different checker textures to geometry
  • Check LODs in viewport
  • Check geometry with not enouh intersection


User Manuals: http://tools.polygon.by/en/docs

Version Requirement: 
2014 and more