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PolySnow is a 3DSMax plugin that creates realistic snow with a click. You just select your objects in scene and PolySnow does the snow for you! Let the snow fall on your 3D objects and scenes with a click of a button. A variety of parameters lets you get the desired results in every situation.
It's a macroscript so please read the Instructions for setting up the plugin. (It's just a few easy steps)
Make your 3d assets' winter versions with a click
Easy to use

User friendly user interface with some explanation tooltips on buttons.
Live parameters let you adjust the snow at anytime you want. Non-destructive workflow.
SnowMerge is a powerful tool lets you connect snow meshes seamlessly.
Full control over the calculated mesh. You can change the settings and get a large number of variations.
Very fast particle calculation with a different resolutions option.
Add or remove snow from the areas you want by using edit particles tool.
Multiple layers of snow can be created and combined seamlessly.
There is also mesh resolution settings so you can create a low poly or highly complex snow objects.
Can be used for multiple objects at the same time.
Snow mesh is seperated from object.
Polycount of the original object doesn't matter for snow quality (unlike extrusion methods)
You can sculpt the snow for more detail with a edit poly modifier.

whats new in V2:

-- New Snow brush to quickly create snow on anywhere you want.
-- Scene Cleanup Tool lets you delete unnecessery snow objects.
-- Lots of bug fixes
-- Group snow error fixed.
-- Seamless merge tool for brush snow and particle snow.
-- Customized natural snow.

What's Newin v3:

-- New tool : PolyPrint for creating deformation on snow.
----Deforms snow mesh with your objects. This creates realistic snowprints based on the collision objects shapes. The calculation is almost realtime. You can select multiple collision objects to deform both particle and non-particle based snows.

-- New Methods for creating snows

----Method 1: "Particle Occluded"
------This is the method in previous versions of polysnow, It creates snow on only If it is not occluded by another mesh.

----Method 2: "Particle Non-Occluded"
------This method creates snow without checking if there's another mesh on it. It's faster than Particle Occluded method. Quickly creates particle based snow.

----Method 3: "Poly Extrusion"
------This method creates snow on the faces which look upwards. It's the fastest method and really good for covering large areas. However, there is a drawback of this method, you won't be able to merge this non-particle based snow object to other particle based snow objects.

-- What's New in V3.5 :

------ Slight performance increase for bigger objects.
------ Fixed scale problem.
------ You can achieve similar results for very big and and very small objects.
------ Added particle count warning.
------ It warns you if the particle size is too much relative to object and then If you want, Polysnow can decide the resolution number for faster results.
------ Recommended resolution range added.
------ Other bug fixes.
------ It's smarter.

-- What's New in V4 :

------ Added new snow creation method.
------ Particle Occluded Accelerated method included.
------ New voxel based algorithm implemented.
------ Up to 7x performance increase.
------ Improved calculation on trees.
------ Added time indicator to the end of the process.

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