Pose Store Modifier Plugin

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This is a scripted modifier plugin which allows the creation of Transform Holder or Pose Store tool for animator to save and recall pre made poses into their scene. Was set up allow a quick and easy set up with out having to know any knowledge of MaxScript.

Some features include
-Poses and Pose store tool being saved within the scene
-Mirror pose feature
-Posing based on selection Groups
-Ease into pose using the pose slider
-Fully working Undo System

--How to install
Simply grab the script and place it into the plugin directory of your current working 3ds max. Once installed you can apply the modifier to any object with in the scene.

-- 1.1 fixes
-Added drop down list to help switch between multiple Pose Store modifiers with in a scene
-Added a help rollout with links to script page for future updates and link to how the plugin works on vimeo. Plus and email where to send bugs too.

Video URL: 
posestore_wmirror_v1.mse170.22 KB


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Thank you for this awesome Script! It help me so much.

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Hello. Came across this plugin here and am having a bit of trouble getting it to work with my character rig. Mainly that when I try to add RefNodes it just hangs after I click the 'Add' button. Im guessing its because I have a ton of stuff in scene and the list population is taking a long time because when I try it in a smaller test scene it works marvelously. I was wondering if you had encountered this at all and if there was anyway around it? Anyway, I hope there is a solution because this script does exactly what I was hoping to find. Thanks.

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Great modifier. Thank

Great modifier. Thank you!
One question though: The "update pose" option should save the current changes made to the selected pose, is this correct? Because it doesn't seem to work in my tests.

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Sorry for the wait

I have been a little busy with another script and with my move that I haven't had time to work on this script as of yet. At some point I will work out the bugs and add some more features into this tool. Thanks for being patient.

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This script is very excelent

This script is very excelent and useful.
However in my emvironment (ver1.1, max_2012_64bit_jp and 2013_64bit_jp), there are two problems shown below.

(1) After Launch, when select "update pose", not start anything at all.

(2) After Launch, when select "rename pose", I get a dialog of "update pose?" in spite of rename, and when click yes, I get an error massage of "No append function for undefined".

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