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Marcelo Souza


      I need to create previews on a daily basis. I am tired of copying the preview file manually and rename it. So. I did a very simple Tool to Auto-Copy and AutoRename the Preview files to the same place where my scene is. This works for me, but maybe not for you. It´s very simple to edit the script for your needs. But i plan to add new features like Folder setup in the future...

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     The script uses the Max file name as a prefix, and Add to it, the Month/day, Hour and Minute of creation. So, if you use the script Twice on the same minute the preview will be overwrite on the target path because the same name will be used... The script just copy the lastest _SCENE.AVI and rename it as needed. If no Custom name is used, the scene name will be used. If the scene wasn´t saved yet the preview will be named like Untitled_Preview The "P" button, just open the native MakePreview Dialog. * Now version 0.3 uses ffmpeg.exe (if you this file located on C:\workbench) to compress the file in Mp4 format automatically while copying it to your working folder. :) If you don´t want to use ffmpeg.exe at this folder, please edit the code variable called ffmpeg. It holds the ffmpeg.exe path..

ChangeLog V0.3 -- bugfix and Added Mp4 Compression with FFMPEG.
ChangeLog V0.4 -- bugfix with Mp4 Generation. The MP4 generated by V0.3 is 4:4:4 and can´t play on many players. Not the MP4 generated is much more compatible using YUV4:2:0

ChangeLog V0.5 -- Added option (M) to Instant Generate Previews using the latests settings from Max Preview (S)
                                -- Added "TimeTag" Checkbox to Add or not Time/Date to Files. And now time is 12Hrs time format (AM/PM)
                                -- Added "Check" Option to Review the Preview file after creation (or not)
                                -- Added PlayLast button to playback Last _scene.avi in Max Preview Folder

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Really useful!! Thanks for

Really useful!! Thanks for shearing it!!!

Hack your dreams to awake

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Suggestions ?

Hy Fajar !
I know function and how to use arrays. What´s your sugestion ? Most of my scripts 99.9% are made for my personal use and needs. Unfortunately i don´t have time to polish them but i post them anyway, because if it´s useful for me it can be useful for someone else. At least to give ideas and everyone is free to modify the code and use it for their needs.

But i am always open to suggestions about how to improve or polish them. I am not a professional coder (FAR from it), i am mainly a 3DGeneralist. :)


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you do need to learn about

you do need to learn about function and using an array...good luck

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