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Bakes procedural textures as bitmaps rendered to a specified size. Designed as tool to aid in exporting materials to other 3d apps. For instance you might be using a nested tile / bitmap which of course can't be easily exported. Simply pick the map size you want to bake and all your procedural maps will be baked (rendered) as bitmaps and replaced in your scene. Read on for detailed list of supported material/map types.

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Compatibility List:
- Fully compatible with: Standard - Architectural - VRay - Multi-Sub - Blend - Composite and Shellac materials
- 2D map types: Bricks (Tile) - ColorCorrect - Checker - Gradient - Gradient Ramp - Mask - sciAnaComp - Swirl
- 3D map types: Cellular - Dent - Marble - Noise - Perlin Marble - Smoke - Speckle - Splat - Stucco - Waves - Wood

NOTE: There is no way to exactly represent a 3D map as a 2D texture. You may have a perfect noise map applied using world coordinates that when using UV looks stretched. I can't change that. This is just a quick little tool made for those instances where you just want to get a file into another program but really need some of your nested procedurals. For me - I often have bitmaps inside of noise maps for grass or bitmaps inside of tile maps for ground/ceilings/walls. This tool lets me 'bake' that info into a simple map. Also - I might have tiling of 10 on a submap - rotation of 45 on another map - and mirror checked on another map. Not every program supports this - so I can once again 'bake' those map changes into a new bitmap.

Installation: Click MAXScript / Run Script and select this script from wherever you downloaded it to. This will 'install' the script into 3ds. Now - go to Customize / Customize User Interface. You'll find the script in the 'CG_Tools' category as 'Procedural Texture Baker' ... Just assign it a keyboard shortcut or stick it in a menu and you're ready to go.

Tip: Although undo supposedly works - keep in mind this is changing en masse a ton of things. Save you file first - just in case.

Version Requirement: 
8; 7
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Sal's picture

Still works with 3dsmax2019

Thank you! =)
Tested proceduraltexturebakerv1.2.mcr

Madame et monsieur, rien va plus.

Robert Y.'s picture

Thanks Very useful !

Thanks Very much for this tool,can you make it support ColorCorrection in Max 2015 ?

Sal's picture

Thank you for the small

Thank you for the small update fran.mts, works great in 3Dsmax 2015!
Its really a nice script, sooo good. Thanks Christopher Grant.

Madame et monsieur, rien va plus.

fran.mts's picture

Version 1.2 HERE ---> Added support for Max 2014

Amazing script, was looking for that for ages!

I'm no programmer, but could hack it (LOL) to support FallOff and ColorCorrection procedural maps. Works flawleslly on Max 2014.

Thanks man, was almost writing to you to ask for an update!! ;)

proceduraltexturebakerv1.2.mcr 15.88 KB
turkert's picture

It worked for me

I was trying to export a gradient map and it worked. Thanks.

mirza's picture

Great !

That is genius!
I just came to the idea of doing that, and you have already done it and it seems to work perfectly.
Thanks for sharing!

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