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A better way to select object in 3dsMax's viewport.

The current problem with Max's default selection method is that is cycles trough all the object underneath the mouse pointer, resulting in endless clicks to get the right object. you'll get it in the end but it's not pretty.

So what does this script do?

The existing selecting mechanism is not altered, this just adds a few things.

When you now click on a stack of objects, and keep holding the mouse button down, you can move your mouse up/down to select objects further or closer to the viewpoint.

Moving left/right expands the selection so you can select multiple objects from the stack at once.

It will makes sense when you watch the video! :)

Additional Info: 

This is a completely different approach then then 1.0 version, no hotkeys requires, it just blends in with the existing selection method..

To install just place it your "[max_root]/scripts/startup" folder (and restart max)

To uninstall just remove the file.

Version Requirement: 
tested on 2012, should work on 2009+
Video URL: 
jdbgraphics-proselect_2.zip1.81 KB


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DavidAnatolie's picture

Viewport Navigation

A completely unrelated question but, how do you navigate in your viewport like that?

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Sub-object level functionality?

This is a fantastic script, thanks a lot! Do you think it's possible to implement this same functionality while selecting polygons?

ltchest's picture

Great little plugin ! Thanks

Great little plugin ! Thanks !

titane357's picture

Thanks. But now when I want

Thanks. But now when I want to duplicate with shift key, I get an error...

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to remove left/right

just comment out these 2 lines:

rng=floor (startpos[1]-mouse.pos[1])/-25

put '--' infront of them so it becomes:

--rng=floor (startpos[1]-mouse.pos[1])/-25

Save and restart max

titane357's picture

Thanks for your script, works

Thanks for your script, works fine and usefull !!!
But, could it be possible to have an "another" script with just up/down mouse action (I find dangerous the multiselection) ? I tried to modify your script to remove this,... as always to complex for me. Thanks.

Jonathan de Blok's picture

Thx! Subtraction i'm working

Thx! Subtraction i'm working on. you can already add to an existing selection, just use the ctrl-key+click as normal.

It works best if the 'select objects' button is activated in the main toolbar. When a transform button is active it sometimes transforms instead of pro-selecting, but that is how max works normally.

shopkeeper's picture

Works a treat! Some how I

Works a treat! Some how I would prefer to be able to use hot-keys to add or subtract from the selection but probably just out of old habit.

Great job on this.

Jonathan de Blok's picture


V2.0 is out, no more hotkeys! watch the video to see how it works

tested new version on 2010, 2011 and 2012 (all 64bit version), it seems stable now.

Jonathan de Blok's picture

I'm rewriting it now

I'm rewriting it now, no more shortcut key required. stay tuned :)

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