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ProSequencer is now available for free, enjoy! 

If you’re working with multi-shot animations this will make your life a lot easier! You can now create, view and tweak an edit directly in 3dsMax. All this in an artist friendly way comparable to working in After Effects or Premiere. Quickly export previews or render clips directly from the timeline.

Main features:

  • Sequence camera shots and/or Statesets.
  • Deadline / VFB+ / Prism (former LPM2.0)  integration
  • Adds a ‘Timeline Navigation Bar’ comparable to the one found in After Effects.
  • Easy preview and render functions, quickly create previews and setup renders from a clip’s context menu.
  • Token based render/preview system.
  • Does not get in your way when you are not using it, collapses to only show the time navigation bar.
  • Automatically set the camera’s wireframe color to indicate if a camera’s track is selected or if camera is active.
  • MaxScript access to the sequence data for integrating into existing pipelines and render managers.
  • Sequence data is saved in the max file itself in a non disruptive way. This means the scene will just open fine even when the sequencer is not present on the system.
Additional Info: 

For detailed instructions of all features please see the online help page

See change log here

latest additions:

v1.99 - 07-12-2016

  • Added: Enhanched Prism (former LPM2.0) integration. Shots setup in Prism will auto-update while adjusting the edit in ProSequencer.
  • Added: Deadline integration, submit a track, or multiple, directly to Deadline.
  • Added: HDPI display support, now looks and works correctly with window's UI scaling.
  • Misc: The usual small tweaks, bug fixes etc.

Note: Max 2017 has a bug where hiding/showing objects during playback/scrubbing messes up the viewport. This, for example, can happen when you link a StateSet to a track, to hide a layer or object for a certain shot. This is not a bug in State Sets but a viewport issue. The work around is to scrub using the red playhead of ProSequencer and not Max's default one. For now I've made it bit wider for easier grabbing. Autodesk is aware of this issue and since it affects the native sequencer as well I expect this to be fix soon.


Version Requirement: 
Fully tested in 3dsMax 2012..2017 (Max 2012 will have StateSet features disabled)


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Jonathan de Blok's picture

Thx! :)

Thx! :)

Fabrizio17's picture

Nice, excellent

Great great great
My last work was full of cuts and I had to use the original Cam Seq Max that need to preview one shot at time.
Now its very simple.

Jonathan de Blok's picture


Fixed, thank for reporting.

(I had a flag that enables some inhouse cloud render stuff. It broke when that flag was disabled so that bug it slipped to the cracks here :)

Jonathan de Blok's picture


Thx! I'll have a look at it.. might have screwed something up with the latest release

michaelwbell's picture

1.95 is working fine

Just following up on my previous message about 1.97 and the context menu, the previous 1.95 ProSequencer works fine with the same setup. I've tried switching between 1.97 and 1.95 a few times and 1.95 is always working, 1.97 has the right-click issue.

I absolutely love this script, plan to use it with LPM 2.0 - i saw it has some quick scripts to auto setup shots from ProSequencer. Will be donating asap. Thanks Jonathan!

michaelwbell's picture

Right-click context menu not working?

Hi Jonathan,

Finally got around to trying out ProSequencer, have downloaded the latest 1.97 and it seems to have installed correctly.

However when I open up the ProSequencer timeline there are 3 blank tracks there. If I try to right-click any of them I get the error message "--Unknown property: "enabled" in "" and the Maxscript editor opens at line 3905.

Is this an issue or am I missing a step?

3ds Max 2016 EXT1/SP1


Royal Ghost's picture

Thank you very much Jonathan

Thank you very much Jonathan for sharing it for free!

Royal Ghost |

lightcube's picture

Ahhh... thanks Jonathan.

Ahhh... thanks Jonathan.


Shawn Olson

Developer of Wall Worm

Jonathan de Blok's picture

Automate rendering

It's not in right now, it's on the list :) But you can quickly make it yourself I think. There is an small API in it where you can get camera ranges out, see the help page for more details (search for 'API' on the page)

track_count=data.count -- get nr of tracks

showproperties data[1] -- get data for track 1

id:; Public
cam:; Public
statesetId:; Public
clipStart:; Public
clipEnd:; Public
clipLength:; Public
selected:; Public
enabled:; Public

lightcube's picture

Excellent Tool

This is really nice. +1 again.

I was hoping that you could allow a render all cameras or (preferably) a sub-selection of the cameras and allow the render to go to Backburner for all cameras. I'm assuming that the bake sequences into camera is the current workaround? Basically, I'd like it to automate sending each camera sequence as an individual job to Backburner (without having to bake or having to manually send each camera as a new job).

Maybe this is already possible and I'm just missing it.


Shawn Olson

Developer of Wall Worm

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