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PSD_to_3DS allows you to texture objects and create textured planes directly from Adobe Photoshop.


Additional Info: 

Usage :

In Adobe Photoshop make selection using one of the methods, use the hotkey F4 to activate PSD_to_3DS.

To create a textured plane: Switch to the Autodesk 3DSMAX, place the cursor at the desired viewport and place for your 3D model, call QuadMenu (right mouse button), select PSD_to_3DS.

For texturing: switch to Autodesk 3DSMAX, select a 3D object or its polygons ( in Edit Mesh ), call QuadMenu (right mouse button), select PSD_to_3DS.Apply_to_Seletion.

Notes for Adobe Photoshop :

Textures are saved in TIFF files with layers.

By default PSD_to_3DS adds small space when exporting.

For texturing use “Rectangular Marquee Tool“. Also, you can use PSD_to_3DS without selection, then PSD_to_3DS uses the entire image.

Notes for Autodesk 3DSMAX :

3D object is created at the point of Quad Menu call.

Transparency is being used.

For texturing faces, you should create a modifier Edit Mesh, and select polygons. Then use the PSD_to_3DS.Apply_to_selection. Texture is projected onto selected polygons.

Version Requirement: 
3dsmax 2009+ and up
Other Software Required: 
Photoshop cs4 and up
Video URL: 
psd_to_3ds.rar5.24 KB


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robobear510's picture

really cool script

really impressed me, the readme file says use f3 in PS and some other stuff but you made clear instructions here

- the first thing is that the installation works flawlessly you did everything user friendly - just wow.. now to see if I am going to actually use it in projects.. but I can see you can make really fast billboards or say leaves and stuff like that - logos obviously..

.. I thought I was gonna have to assign all of the shortcuts and copy files in their directories but you did it all for us lazy users :) (and nobody got time to do that)
- works on max 2014 and Photoshop CS5

Xylonite's picture


Surely all things are possible! =)
I`ll add option with units measurement later.

And about the pivot, i think it is more usable in the center of object.
What for you need it on the base?

Xylonite's picture


What Photoshop version you use?

dedenizozkan's picture

photoshop error 8800

Hello Vladislav,

I installed this script but when i press f4 on photoshop, it say this error :

General Photoshop Error 8800...

please help



trick's picture

Love your Script, thanks!!

Love your Script, thanks!! Saves quite some time :)

Would it be possible to make the textured plane in Max the same size as in PhotoShop units ?
Would it also be possible to set the Pivot to the base of the plane ?

Thanks again :)

dabana's picture


it worked like a charm..... i will upload some works i will use it to do for you to view. thanks once again.

3d mania luv

dabana's picture

thanks i will try to do that.

thanks i will try to do that right now.

3d mania luv

asymptote's picture

@ dabana, You just need to

@ dabana, You just need to save the scene so the script knows which scene you are working on and where to put the files, maybe you have figured this out already ;)

dabana's picture

Kindly Reply pls

Kindly Reply pls i would like to test the power of this script on my project. It keeps asking me to "'SAVE FILE TO THE SCENE FOLDER FIRST'" I dont understand wat it means.

thanks Xylonite

3d mania luv

dabana's picture

Xylonite help.... Excellent script

i watched the tuts u did on pds to 3ds, am loving it so much. It will reduce the time spent on unwrapping for mapping in 3ds max. But i tried to install it and its not working for my 2013 version. Can you pls make a video for the installations also. i followed the instruction you wrote but there are still files you didnt say wat they are for.

3d mania luv

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