Quick Environment Script V2

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This is the second Version of our QES script,  A Maxscript that was written for internal use at Moso Studio.

The purpose of QES is to streamline the process of working with HDRI files.

It will allow you to browse through all your HDRI, generating thumbnails first for quick access and setting up the scenes automatically.

It is meant to work only with VRAY and CORONA renderers... and has been tried with 3dsmax 2016 to 2020.

This version was written with the collaboration of Obaida Lofti, who developed the new interface and browser library system

There are a lot of improvements on this new version, including a completely new interface and some new functionality. (Auto Sun Locator, is one of the new highlights)

Please watch the video to understand the functionality and to learn about the new features and new interface:


This is a real production tool, used daily in our studio.


Version Requirement: 
3dsmax 2016 to 2020
Other Software Required: 
Corona or Vray


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makco's picture

Hi Mathos. This seems very

Hi Mathos.

This seems very unusual... i would say try to either updated your video card drivers or turn of optix denoiser on interactive... i have the feeling is something related.

makco's picture

Hi Chilavek2007 i just DM

Hi Chilavek2007 i just DM you. hopefully i can help you sort it out.

mathos's picture

white-out error window with corona interactive

Hi - first of all would like to say that the script is amazing and really saves a lot of work and makes setting up light much faster and immersive. Also great way to create an HDRI database.

That being said I have one problem which happens randomly while the Corona Interactive window is running - basically imagine the typical 3ds max error when it crashes, but let's you save the recovery file - but in this case the whole error window that popped up is white and you cannot click on anything, the only solution is to hard crash via task manager. It happens really randomly, it can be changing parameters with the script or changing values within materials, even selecting/deselecting elements within the scene. It is practically impossible to reproduce just wanted to see if anyone is getting this error with Corona....

Chilavek2007's picture

It doesn't work for me.

It doesn't work for me. Doesn't want to insert HDRI in the scene. All other functions work.

makco's picture

Im glad you like it... it

Im glad you like it... it depends on how the HDRI was saved.... You can always resave in photoshop changing the exposure first... but you will always encounter HDRI with different exposures...

themaxxer's picture

great script, I use it every

great script, I use it every Day, thanks for that. But all of my HDRI's are very dark, can I tweak them to appear brighter? or do I have a gamma issue somewhere?

thanks for reply.

best regards

makco's picture

Hi Yes it was something I had

Hi Yes it was something I had on my to-do list.. but decide to release before I added it... Will take a bit but will try to include soon. Thanks for feedback!

short_cirkuit's picture

working amazingly so far

working amazingly so far -well done.

May i request for an update? So where the HDRI librarys are, if it is at all possible to rename those libraries (not on hard drive but on the library within the script)?

makco's picture

Link updated

Thanks short_cirkuit. And yes I remembered that request and wanted to included it!

short_cirkuit's picture

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