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jonah peele

7/31 -- fixed the errors in the script that stopped from working. added a youtue vid to explain what it does

5/31 -- fixed some bugs; added better explanation

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installation: put the script in 3dMax->scripts->startup. The scripts are intended to be used from the the quad menu; find them in the customize options under jpScripts Usage: 1)select face of an editable_poly 2) run the macro 3) pick the stamp object to place. Options can be set with quad menu box alternate execution. Sub-transforms can be set up with the quickLattice_subTransform modifier, sub-transforms are groups of vertices that keep their position relative to a common point (i.e. if you set a free floating subT with the verts of a doorknob, the knob will stay the same size regardless of the scale.) notes:to use clusterLattice the face selection must be rectangular, and at least 2x2. There might be some gimble problems on flat surfaces still. The offset of the lattices is determined by the pivot location compared to boundingBox minimum and maximum. If things don't align as intended try resetting the xforms. Movies, Pics, etc. to come later. Feel free to ask questions, reuse code, give suggestions

usage examples:

(Top Image): Using a quad selection cluster; split options on

^using a quadCluster selection; no split options

^Arbitrary face seleciton ( note that default orientation will try to match the original Y axis to the world up axis )

^same as Top image; using smaller arrow; split options on


  • to get to the options its the alternate execution from the quad menu (the box next to the macro name). otherwise you have to set  macro (polyLattice_options) yourself somewhere else.
  • the distance the stamp object is offset is determined by the difference between the pivot and and the stamp's min/max heights.
  • Quad clusters are determined at run time; they must exactly 4 corners that are  clearly differentiated with the top verts above the bottom verts. Specifiacally corners are verts that share only 2 edges with the face selection.
  • There are two modifiers installed with the script: subEvents lets you add secondary polyLattice Events that will be run after the intial call is built and. subTransforms lets you set up vertices that will keep their distnce relative to a point after the object has been  deformed. e.g. a door know will stay the same size ( and location) regardless of what size the deformed quad is. These mods are works in progress and still have many bug.
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polylattice_07312013.ms49.66 KB


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thanks for the update and the

thanks for the update and the vid...working for me now

made use of it already on something i'm working on...will come in handy for fitting objects

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error occured for me:max2012

error occured for me:

max2012 64bit

--Unknown property: "modifiers" in undefined

looks nice...was hoping to give this a whirl on something i'm currently working on.

usage was a little unclear
selected poly face, ran script>polylattice2

I second a video...

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Didnt work ....for me


I tried many times but couldnt go through... am I doing anything wrong.

I found a menu poly lattice globals.... but didnt work...do u have any video of this how to use?


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..impressive! Especially the armour wrapping around that mesh. Can't wait to use it!

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