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I am working now on a script that will help with car parks. It is supposed to create randomise cars over even huge car parks. with one click solution you can generate cars parking spots and set colour scheme, probability and even angle of cars. you have control on number of spots in length and width, size of a parking spot and angle of parking spots.

quick overview: select cars - add selected cars models to library(models have to have preffix: "pix_"

create parking - create parking plane on ground geometry

car pro - car probability (% of cars on parking spots)

car len - car length (1-2) car wid - width of parking (1-40)

car dep - width of a single spot

car ang - angle of parking spots

seed - randomise seed of selected parking

generate cars - generate cars in selected parking or all of them

diff - difference of colours(percent of colour tolerance/whice colour with 50 tolerance will output from white to grey colour)

select all - select all cars from library

select none - deselect all cars from library

change - change already created parking colours

toggle box - show as box/show as mesh all created cars



Additional Info: 

-you need corona renderer to be able to change colours.

-you need cars models as single object with multi-sub material assigned where ID 1 is car body colour

Version Requirement: 
max 2015+
Other Software Required: 
models of cars(single object with sub-multiply material applied with ID 1 as car body material), corona render
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car_park_v09.mse100.02 KB