radolomeo copymat

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Radek Zaremba

A WIP script for copy/paste materials between max sessions and local network.
A network script is being developed and tested in the meantime.

Similar UI as Copitor script.

5 slots you can save or copy materials to.

All works as far as selecting the same folder for any other session of max, or any other workstation within local network

right mouse click, then select object to copy material.
left mouse click, then selec object to paste the material.

works with any material you are working with(Vray/standart/corona). Other max session need to have the same or better version of the renderer and 3dsmax to work.

network version will give you possibility to send a material over to any workstation connected to internet instantly.

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drag and drop to max session.

select root folder for materials( best to use empty folder and with short path as you need to select that folder)

play with it.

when copying material you need to name it for your purpose, so there is a name input prompt appearing, dont miss that

Version Requirement: 
max 2016+
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