RAL to RGB Converter (+Hex)

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--RAL to RGB Converter--

Little tool for quick converting your RAL color to RGB and/or hexidecimal values.


Put the RALtoRGB folder in your .\scripts\Startup\ folder and restart 3dsmax.

In most cases this will be something like this:

C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 20xx\scripts\Startup\

where 20xx is your 3ds max version.

Find the category named RALtoRGB in your Customize User Interface Dialog and then drag it on toolbar or assign a shortkey to it.


In the UI of the script fill in your 4 digit RAL code in the RAL field and click CONVERT.
Note that You have to fill in just the 4 numbers after RAL and nothing else or it will not work.
For example : If You want to find out the color of RAL1001 just fill in 1001 in the RAL field and click

You can now copy the color RGB to any slot in max or use the hex value for external editors.


Pavel Parashkevov

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