Random Master 1.0

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Kamil MaƂagowski

Random Master is an interactive and realtime tool for randomization in 3ds max.
Everything you need in one place, with just a few clicks you can create thousands of unique objects!

The tool allows you to randomize:
-Material maps
-UVW Mapping gizmo
-FFD modifier points
-Selection of objects
-Selection of faces/vertices/edges
-Material ID

Version Requirement: 
3ds max 2010 +
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i would like to buy your tool

i would like to buy your tool
but site is offline
[email protected]

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Animation controllers - does Random Master work?

Hi, I need to model a biological membrane showing random thermal motion of the phospholipids in the membrane. The membrane is a bi-layer with a top half and a bottom half. With older versions of Max I could do this but with Max 2018 I can't. Here is what I "used" to do in older versions and it used to work...

1) Make one model of a phospholipid molecule
2) Assign POSITION LIST, then NOISE POSITION controllers to that single phospholipid.
3) Adjust the NOISE POSITION parameters of that phospholipid until it wiggles randomly as desired.

4) Assign ROTATION LIST, then NOISE ROTATION controllers to the same phospholipid
5) Adjust the NOISE ROTATION parameters of that phospholipid until it rotates randomly as desired.

The single phospholipid now wiggles and rotates randomly in a way that looks correct following the constraints that I imposed with the controller values.

6) Make A bunch of copies of that original phospholipid in a plane. (250 of them) However, the copies all wiggle just like the original. Luckily, this can be adjusted (randomized) en masse using the ZORB script so that each copied phospholipid has a unique wiggle and rotation.

So far so good, everything looks great, but here is the problem...
I need to copy the whole plane of phospholipids and paste a copy of that whole plane upside down just below the original plane of phospholipids so that the membrane now has a top half and a bottom half composed of wiggling molecules. This used to work in older versions of Max but in Max 2018 I can't seem to copy the original plane of phospholipids. They seem "fixed" in position. So I'm stuck! Any help on how to proceed will be appreciated.

I can imagine a solution where I make the original phospholipids and copy and paste them where I need them into two layers with the proper orientation and everything but without assigning any controllers. Then...I would assign the same controllers as before (as described above) to EACH of the phospholipids. This would allow me to get around the COPY and PASTE process which seems not to work. However, this would be extremely cumbersome since I have a total of about 500 phospholipids in the animation (250 in each plane). Doing that individually for each phospholipid would take forever Is there a script somewhere that would allow me to assign controllers to a whole bunch of phospholipids, all at the same time?

Thanks, huertaaj

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