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Version 2.0
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Script for placing random MatID (min max) on poly editable objects.

MatiD assignment by polygon, smoothing group, object or element and adding MultiMaterial.

Edit - Version 2

Bug fixes / Possibility to keep intact some IDs

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There must the objects selected be turn to editable poly.

Copy the file "RandomMatIDs.mse" in the folder "3Ds max/scripts/" and execute him.

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all versions
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This script worked

This script worked wonderfully for me. Thank you!

What's a pixel like you doing in a polygon like this?

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But too bad it doesn't work with Edit Poly modifier. Only with Editable Poly

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lets do ver 3 at once

What should be there:
- ability to work on manually selected elements or polys or whatever
- would be great: (step 1) to set range of the IDs we will operate on
and after that (step 2) a range of IDs which will be reassigned to them
(with ability to set NOT only sequential IDs in both steps)
(step 3 here is performing the task)

Particular case looks this way: There is an object(tree) with multimat and several IDs already. I have to randomize IDs of elements(leaves) which have one common ID but leave untouched IDs of another elements.

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works as advertised

works as advertised :)..
almost the thing I've been looking for, now I need a sequential matID instead of random.. and the number of elements to be the number of materials..

I have an object with all elements set to matID 1, so this saves me some clicking time but what if I I need to reimport the same object with only moved elements - I would like to just paste the material back to that.. - or at least have that random seed the same "random"..

- ideally, if there are identical elements in the mesh, (with same number of verts or whatever), it could name them the same matID - that would be fantastic, since the object I'm dealing with is a robot with symmetry..

a challenge for version 2 :) ?
sequential mat ids
identical elements to the same mat ID

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Random Material ID

It's Free Version of joker martini's Randomized Face-ID's :)
Thank You Kindly
<3 <3

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