Rapid Camera Pro

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Vugar Naib

Rapid Camera is the max script that creates both the camera rig to ease camera animation process and provides an interface to control the rig animation parameters.Have After Effects exporter! Have free version!
Please send your RCPro Order ID on [email protected] for take up to free.

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v1.1 -- Was fixed involuntary shaking of the camera at large distances animation!
v1.2 -- Some rig optimizations slightly solved a problem with slow down in 3ds Max 2012+
v1.3 -- Completely solved the problem of a very slow work in newer versions of the 3ds Max 2012+
v1.4 -- In this version solved the problem of slight slowdowns of the script in the new versions 3ds Max 2012+ if start frame number value in the timeline much greater than zero.
As well as a slight improvement in the work of the "Global Reset" and "Local Reset" buttons.
v1.5 -- Added on off switch for "Spring" effects, and Samples param for "Spring" effects(it useful for time scale simulation)
v1.6 -- Support neg value for Zoom
v1.7 -- Add Global align mode to camera and view
v1.8 -- Add support VRay camera
v1.85 -- Now script working correct in 3dsMax 2016+
v1.9 -- Now have a new "Add New Key" option.
This option allows adds animation key to "XOrb", "ZOrb", "Zoom", "Roll",
"GPos" and "GRot" param at the current time slider position.
"Add New Keys" option allows creating start animation keys
on the fly at the current time slider position, thus minimizing
a need for editing animation keys in the Track View Editor.
v1.95 -- Add support Physical Camera for 3ds max 2016+ in new "Extra Camera Options"
v2.0 -- Add After Effects exporter
-- Add Copy-Paste options for animation key frame.
-- Add Corone camera support in Extra Camera Options.
-- Add "Delete This Rig" button for ease and correct rig deleting.
-- Add "Cam" button to Rig Display options for shows camera only and hides camera with any other active rig nodes.
-- Bug fixed for correct rig naming.
-- Fix AE Export Error Due To "ind" "nan" "- 1.#INF" incorrect Value
-- Set Animatable False to all CheckButtons in UI
-- Add Camera FOV Param To Animation Copy Paste List
-- Add Undo For Animation Copy Paste Action
-- "Pick Align" Tool
Aligns the camera rig position to the point of mouse click in the viewport. With the active snapping mode on vertices, edges and faces, you can align the camera rig to the specified area of geometry. Also very useful for huge scene when you need move camera to extremely big distance.
-- "Look Align" Tool
Rotates the camera look in the direction of the specified object. Allows you to make animation with tracking an object almost like a target camera.
Note: If you already have a complex animation with turns, then this option may not work correctly!
-- Now "Cam Align" presets tool also supported alignment with another Rapid camera


1) NEVER duplicate the "Rapid Camera" with 3ds max standard clone tool!
If you want to create a new "Rapid Camera" with the same animation just run "Rapid Camera" script, create new "Rapid Camera" rig and use "Copy, Paste" animation key frame with "Add Copy Paste Keys" option.

2) NEVER rename the "Rapid Camera" and other rig nodes.

3) ALWAYS delete the "Rapid Camera" with "Delete This Rig" button

Rapid Camera Pro UI

AE Exporter UI

Rapid Camera Free UI

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rapid_camera_free.mse6.47 KB


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I'd say yes, both him and Christoper B, the fellow who keeps bumping his Fast Art and other tool plugin to the front page.

John Martini
Digital Artist
http://www.JokerMartini.com (new site)

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HAHA, your comparison to the Harvard situation is nothing like this. It's about being respectful to other members of the community and not spamming the site with your tools. We all know the only reason you change your cover image is to so your post goes to the front page.

If it wasn't so important to be on the front page then why change your cover photo so much? Exactly my POINT! you're doing it for that reason.

It's unfortunate that doing what you are doing, will eventually ruin ScripSpot.

Think of it this way. You always bump your tool to the front page, which your tool is never updated! So users who are visiting the website see the same tools on the front page over and over again. Making it look like outdated.

So if you could be respectful of the community and kindly quit doing your bumps to the front page it would be appreciated.

John Martini
Digital Artist
http://www.JokerMartini.com (new site)

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What's the problem? ))

If the algorithm of the SS did not prohibit changing the cover, then what's the problem? People are mostly looking for scripts for key words, because what comes first in the list is not always what they need =)
Of course, you can complain on me! =)
It reminds me the story about twin brothers from Harvard who had complains about Mark Zuckerberg =D ;)


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should we take an action here

should we take an action here about this dev?

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nothing new or updated here once again


John Martini
Digital Artist
http://www.JokerMartini.com (new site)

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maxscript does not require installation or uninstallation

it's just maxscript and it does not require installation or uninstallation =)

Leoneli's picture

uninstall free version

Hi.How can I uninstall the rapid camera free?

3D_Animator's picture

Thanks for yor interest )

At the moment I do not have access to the new version.
As I will have access to the new version, I will try to add this feature.
Thanks for yor interest )

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Pretty Handy

Pretty cool. Can we expect support for the new physical cam in 2016?


Shawn Olson

Developer of Wall Worm

3D_Animator's picture

At the moment, the rig uses

At the moment, the rig uses only the default camera in the future I plan to implement support VRay camera too.

As the only way out I can advise create VRay camera and attach it to the RapidCamera.

Thanks for comment and for your interest!

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