rBPasteDWG – Copy Paste from AutoCAD to 3dsMax

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Small tools to copy AutoCAD clipboard directly into 3dsMax.

Select objects in AutoCAD, control+C, click Paste DWG in max and you’re done.
This project is at beta stage, so probably still has some bug.
Please use with caution and always save your file first.

This tool wont work if your AutoCAD version is higher than your 3dsMax version.

Options inside this tool could be use on selected objects. See video for detailed instruction.

v0.0.1 feature:

  • Adjusting imported shape steps
  • Remove colorByLayer
  • Remove AutoCAD block and LinkComposite
  • Flatten all shapes to z=0
  • Move imported DWG to scene origin
  • Make imported DWG elevation
  • Attach all shapes into one shape
  • Create new layer for imported DWG
  • Create group for imported DWG
  • Add imported DWG to selected layer
  • Import using classic import DWG/DXF settings
  • Autoclose dialog on import
  • Function to reserve preExisting layers so it wont be deleted during import process

Rivanoor Bren

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