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Just simple script / code to read data from csv files exported from Excel and then create objects - (here: spheres)

How CSV should look:
Every planet in single line. Every value separated with "|" character.

for eg: (name|radius|x|y|z|sphere segments)


And so on.

If you need apply specific colors then add extra 3 numbers controlling rgb (egz |0|10|200)

Before run change file location in code or copy "SolarSystem.txt" file to C:\


read_data_from_csv-01.ms360 bytes
solarsystem.txt39 bytes


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great :)

yeah, if you add some point helpers on the end of insulators with some proper naming. Then new script can connect them (by number order) with spline + add middle lower point. If this make sense ? :p

Sure for score :) you can try my other scripts and add +1 or comment / review if you like them or the idea (here or turbosquid).

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csv load

First impressions are this works a treat and I am totally impressed. Is there anything I can do on the forum to raise your score? praise you?

Really happy with this.
You mentioned that the pylons can be strung as well is that right?

One happy person!


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very cool

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oki, try this one

csv file structure:

x,y are in system unit scale (inches or centimeters)
rotation is just in degrees

You need to open it and change path to csvfile or just place csv/txt file on C drive with the same name as sample

Then select ground and run script.

Hope it helps :)

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pylons.txt 35 bytes
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ok, cool, I'll change this one to instance pylons

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csv load

The reading from base landscape on the z would be great and as far as naming that is fine too.


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yes, they can be in groups
There is of course the way to connect wires between insulators with the script too. But this is other topic :)

Ok, I'll upload soon script to instance objects with positions from csv file.

So x,y,z plus Z axis rotation is enough, right ? Or you want to read z (height) from landscape ?
And how about new object naming - just base name + unique number ?

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Load csv

That sounds awesome. can it handle the pylon as a group just thinking about the insulators which are attached. Once the pylons are in place we then align the insulators to the following pylon then use splines to represent the cables. but just getting them into position is a great step forward

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ah, oki,
I think the easiest way will be to have them in the project already. And just use script co copy/instance them with position and rotation from csv file.
File will have base names each pylon to be copied, then position and rotation.
file eg:

It is possible to place it also on surface (z position - if you have some landscaping already)
What you think?

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