RealFlow Realwave Importer

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Nick Fedesna

This utility will read in a Realwave (RW) simulated in Realflow.

In Realflow's Export Central, choose to export surface deformation (.bin) to the /meshes folder for the Realwave Mesh. Simulate. Run 'Realwave Loader' utility in Max. Select any file from the sequence. It defaults to load range starting with file selected to end of file sequence. It also has options to load all of the sequence or any subset of the sequence you choose. It will create an animated editable mesh and set keys for frame range you chose beginning at the current frame in Max's timeline.

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Go to the Utilities Tab (hammer icon), click MAXscript button, run scripted utility .ms file from here if you haven't already, look in the Utilities drop-down for 'Realwave Loader' and select it. This will bring up the rollout and you can use as described above. Once a Realwave is loaded in, there is no dependency on this utility. The displayed RW info will be held in memory until you close the utility or Max

NOTE: You can also choose to have any script run automatically by placing the in the Scripts/Startup folder located in Max's install directory.

Version Requirement: 
works with 2008
Other Software Required: 
Nextlimit Realflow
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RealFlowUtility0.6.ms5.48 KB


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rajeshsmart's picture

HAI I need 3dsmax 9 to

HAI I need 3dsmax 9 to import Realflow script for realwave

nlsinh's picture

Thank you! I love this

Thank you! I love this script!

damnitson's picture

Thanks so much!!! Works

Thanks so much!!!
Works perfectly now.

maxbox's picture

thanks a lot, scripts step

thanks a lot, scripts step has perfection!!! ++++++


findapollo's picture

I have updated the

I have updated the instructions for more help on using a scripted utility in Max.

maxbox's picture

Hello thanks for your

Hello thanks for your Script,I am on that it will help me beacause I have an error of max systematically when I try to import a realwave surface.(and i dont find a solution for this);

but i have the same problem that damnitson, i'm run the script and... nothing!!! i work in max 2008.

thanks for the help which you shall be able to lavish on us.
( and soory for my english i'm french ;) )



damnitson's picture

Hello Thanks for uploading

Thanks for uploading this. Could you post some more clear instructions? I ran the script from max 2008 and max 9...
didn't get any response.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

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