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0.55.2 beta
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- NEW - connects with nodes by - RNM Server
- much simpler to setup (RNM Server works without Remote Desktop)

Render Nodes Manager is a network tool. It allows to remotely start / restart / stop VRaySpawner , Corona DrServer, Octane Daemon on selected servers / nodes.

It helps to solve typical problem when user cancel distributed rendering and render nodes don't pick up for some time...

New version works with RNM Server (small server program to run on each of nodes) or classic Remote Desktop

RNM Server method:
Render Node Manager connects to RNM Server only by local network.
Very easy to setup - specify only network exchange / shared path

How to set it up with RNM Server:

1. Start RNM Server on nodes
2. choose exchange / shared network path in Settings tab (the same path need to be visible for all computer in network)
3. Start Render Node Manager at your workstation
4. choose exchange / shared network path in Settings tab
5. add nodes IPs (connection with RNM server works only with IPs on the list)
6. check if paths to VRayspawner, Corona or Octane are correct
7. select nodes and try to start Test: notepad.exe
8. it notepad works try with VRayspawner, Corona or Octane
9. All should be done


Remote Desktop method:
It works similar to PSTools but it start VRaySpawner as desktop application with access to all Network Mapped Drives


How to set it up with Remote Desktop:

1. First you need to setup Remote Desktop on nodes / render servers . There is nice tutorial how to do it on: (Remember to choose a user with password)
2. User allowed to remote desktop has to be logged on remote machine. The best will be if this is auto login user (program starts VraySpawner only on that specific user desktop/interface) If you have few users you need to setup one to be auto login. There is a nice article about it:
3. Test Remote Desktop button.

------- If  your Remote Desktop Connection works you can start bellow -------------

4. Add Incoming rules too Firewall (instruction images are in zip file)
5. Open Remote Node Manager and go to tab "Settings". Add your nodes to list (IPs or names).
6. Type username and password (the same as for Remote Desktop connection)
7. Now try Restart / Shutdown buttons AND start/refresh / stop "notepad.exe" (from Remote tab)
8. If those buttons work - choose your paths in Setings Tab. (default is VRaySpawner 3.0 for 3ds Max 2014)
9. All should be setup correctly now and ready to remotly start/restart/stop VRAY, Corona and Octane ( just make sure all paths are correct )


- 2 connection methods - connects to nods by RNM Server or classic Remote Desktop
- fully customizable 6 tasks (custom names and paths)
- save settings: nods list, paths, etc
- Remote Desktop stop button - to stop remote desktop and return to normal screen
- VNC button and VNC path in settings (VNC is more useful for Octane users because Remote Desktop turns off CUDA drivers)
- Test: re-start / stop buttons  - default "notepad.exe"

- RNM Server method works with all windows versions, require only network exchange / shared path

- Remote Resktop method require Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate (doesn't work on Windows Home - this version of Windows does not support Remote Desktop). All nodes have to be ready to be connected by Remote Desktop with one username and password
-.NET Framework 3.5 or later



-This is beta / demo version only.
-Demo version is limited up to 3 nodes on the list only.
-Demo version does not save settings.


Free Demo version:

Full version:


Let me know what you think.



Version Requirement: 
Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate
Other Software Required: 
.NET Framework 3.5 or later


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ivailora4kov's picture

problem or not?

This is a great tool for people like me. I have 15 slave machines. Unfortunately the program doesn't work here for some reasons. Only the button - "remote desktop" works fine.
I have set all "Required Firewall Inbound Rules" as they are in the jpg files...
All computers are with WIN 7 64 bit pro...
What could be the reason not to work?

pixamoon's picture

Re: Octane render

Thanks ! I'll try to add this and post new demo next week.

ah, I can download only demo version and don't see here any daemon .bat
Can you send me the .bat file to look what is it starting/stopping ?

zaxis's picture

Octane render

The file comes with the Octane Standalone version and after install the slave file, you got a ".bat" file named "_run_installed_daemon.bat" but you can put in the same location where you have installed. eg: c:/Octane render
I mean, you can put the slave file where you need.
As v-ray one that keeps working until you close it, but when the max crashes you need to close it and start it again.

You can find more info here:

pixamoon's picture

Octane render

hi zaxis,
can you send me a full path to "run_octane_slave_daemon" ? (eg.: C:\Program Files\.....) I don't use Octane and couldn't find any info about it on their web. I'll add it in next demo version. Will try to find a time next weekend.

zaxis's picture

RE: custom version


I'll try your sugestion as soon as possible.
I appreciate for that.
I'm looking foward to get the full version.

pixamoon's picture

custom version

Yes, it should work.
For testing try to change a VraySpawner path in Setting tab to Octane slave daemon path. I'll definitely add Octane in custom and later in full version.

zaxis's picture

Full version

Awsome tool!!!
Is possible to make it to works with Octane Render?
There is a similar file like VRaySpawner called run_octane_slave_daemon.

pixamoon's picture

full version

Hi Alex,
Thanks for testing.

Right now there are only custom versions available.
If you like it I can create one for you. All custom settings (servers IPs, paths etc) will be saved in the program. For more info please contact me on [email protected]

Alex_H's picture

Full version


can I buy a full version ?

Kind regards

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