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Thorsten Hartmann

Bug Free !!! Wink

Hi Guys,

Welcome to Render Optimizer V4. Use this tool to activate the mental ray "secrets". Optimize your Renderings with new Light-Method, Sampling-Method and RAM-Managment. 

Render Optimizer Options


  1. Unified Sampling ( Tutorial:  )
  2. Progressive Rendering
  3. Image Based Lighting ( Tutorial:  )
  4. Importons ( Tutorial: )
  5. Irradiance Particle
  6. GPU Ambient Occlusion 
  7. Special Options ( Framebuffer, FG ...) (Tutorial: )  (Tutorial: )
  8. Ram Managment (Documentation: )
  9. save all Options at the scene File.
  10. New Registry Option:
  11. MILA Layering Shader Library
  12. Importance Sampling / Multiple Importance Samples
  13. Final Gather GPU
  14. Unified Sampling Subfilter

Artur Leão, and i am wrote on a same Project, look at his Website.

This Tool is for free. All Users can help to make it better. Please send your Tips/Codes/ideas to Artur Leao or Thorsten Hartmann.


have fun!



thorsten hartmann

Additional Info: 

1. update: Progressive Rendering Option. New: hours, minutes, seconds

2. update: added Ambient Occlusion Cache, and progressive Ambient Occlusion Cache

3. update: included Render Preset (low/medium/high)

4. update: smaller GUI, Special Options (Framebuffer, FG ...)

5. update: fix Special Options Bug and added Tooltips.

6. update: fix the Irradiance Particle Scale Bug.

7. update: fix save "ao" and "special option" bug.

8. update: supported 3dsmax2011 + 3dsmax2012, include "FinalGather Reflection PreRejection"

9. update: added undersampling at unfied Sampling and Progressive Rendering.

10. update: added Final Gather Modes (3.4/strict 3.4/automatic/multiframe/force)

11. update: fix save/load FG-Mode Bug.

12. update: fix FG-Mode "automatic" Interpolation Points Bug.

13. update: added "Final Gather flip geom normal"

14. update: New Submenue Final Gather + added "Final Gather precomp legacy" Option

15. update: Fixed "FinalGather Reflection PreRejection" remove Bug. Added new Tooltips.

16. update: load Callbackscript Options from File in to Scene.

16. update: NEW & Faster Renderpresets!!!

17. update: added "importon emitted", "rast hair disposable" and "hair caps"

18. update: added new CutOFF and Error Treshold Input, You can now switch between Scalar and Color

19. update: fix min/max samples Variablen of progressive and unified sampling

20. update: fix input of min/max unified sampling

21. update: fix Final Gather Legacy Bug

22. update: FinalGather importance / trace camera clib ... at 3dsmax2013

23. update: AO GPU, Importance Sampling, MILA Option, optimized for 3dsmax2014

24. update: 3dsmax2013 File load in 3dsmax2014 Bug fix!

25. update: GPU AO works now!

26. update: Irradiance Map works now in Network ! GPU AO fix, all Options works and no crashing with click on Quality Button.

27. update: added "luminance weight" Button to fix the "Max 2014 Unified sampling error cutoff" Bug

28. update: added "IBL Photons: GI + Caustics"

29. update: added deactivate "contrast all Buffers". Fix Render Element Bug. Save 50% Rendertime

30. update: added activate "GPU GI" and "Unified Sampling Subfilter"

31. Fix! Render Optmizer V5 remove all hidden String Option and Callback Strtings. no double strings Option.


thorsten hartmann


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Jonathan de Blok's picture

string ops

Great, shaved a few hours of my IBL render sequence!

btw, in max 2014 there is a string ops entry in the rendersettings, would be nice if that got populated with the actual strings so network rendering would make use of the ops as well.

I had to write a script that reformats the output from the listener into something I can paste in that input field.

Royal Ghost's picture

Thank you Thorsten for this

Thank you Thorsten for this tool! Especially for unlimited V2 version!

Royal Ghost |

hot chip's picture
berdinatilli's picture

Not Found

Not Found

Error: The requested address '/uploads/' was not found on this server.

hot chip's picture

Hi Tronotrond, i have not

Hi Tronotrond,

i have not test with your Render Manager, but i think it must work, because i use only the CallBack Strings, and that must work with other Render Manager. What does not work?

hot chip

tronotrond's picture

Other render managers

Great plugin, thanks!

I guess it's a bit tricky question, but would it be possible to get it to submit to other render managers? We just changed to Deadline at work which has its own submission script.

fajar's picture

would be great it theres

would be great it theres preset solid rock....Good setting to draft setting.


hot chip's picture

thanks guys for the very nice

thanks guys for the very nice comments, and the lot of points.


draging's picture

yeah great !!

yeah great !!

Michele71's picture

Great plug! Thanks :) One

Great plug! Thanks :) One point to you ;)

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