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I am working now over a complex tool to create retail shops from shop front line. Just draw a line of shopping gallery and create out of it a random retail shops with one click. it creates one shop on one spline segment, randomizes inshop light texture and shopfront textures.

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Update 0.988

- fixed many bugs.
- version should be more stable.
- simplified texture handling.
- added percentage of restaurants(populates tables and chairs)
- textures taken from one folder(script will find all jpgs and use them as textures if they are in interior folder for interiors and in ads folder for exposition front.

Update 0.982

- fixed texture issues

Update 0.9

- units are set automatically
- added preview of shopfront
- added customization of shops
- reverse line button
- textures preview of each shop
- new unique shop interiors
- finished shopfront is a group
- adjustable height an depth

- download retail09.rar from download link
- download pixel_shopfront_09.mse
- extract retail_09.rar to anywhere
- run script
- select folder of extracted retail
- play with shops
- have fun

still in progress

- restaurants
- shop customization after created
- known bugs

this script is prepared for vray renderer, so maps are made to work in vray, otherwise they will be black.

Update 0.81

- added radiobuttons so you can select system units you are working with ( centimetres / metres ) for now.

to be done:

- will add automatic system units check in future, so you will not need to check anything.
- will add possibility to invert line during creation to make sure the shops are on the side you want them to be.
- will add depth of shops so that in the small closed areas the backwall will not intersect with each other.
- restaurants / will create different shop interior with some furniture in front, so it will fake food and baverage. of course randomized simple furniture.

hope to do in the future:

- depend everything onto spline, so tweaking spline will tweak all the shopping fronts. adjustable shops in real time:) ahhh...someday. But for now need to do this one work good.

any feedback will be very useful.

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pixel_shopfront_v988.mse21.11 KB


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Just stumbled on this very useful script. Did you ever finish this? I'd be very interested:)


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download link issue

Hi. I am at finish line of uploading plugin on a different server. the one it is on is free and it behaves weird. I started the whole plugin from scratch to avoid problems and bugs. i can send you the whole package in day or two. Are you interested in this plugin for a use in projects?


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Download URL is not working

The download URL doesn't work!!

Photorealistic Architectural Visualizations

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MSE script

I can't open the script am I missing something? It justs gives me this message:

'Type error: set .bitmap requires BitMap, got: undefined'

Thank you

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Doesn't work on max 2012.

This script only for max 2015 and above? Error right after drop it into max viewport.

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Very good

Very good script , thank you for your effort , keep it up.

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spline problem

the thing is as in beta it takes only line not lines converted to spline. if u draw a line and tweak it anyway u need it will work. the other thing is that system units suppose to be metres(for now).


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that could be very useful for sure !!!!


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Runtime error

3dsMax2014 64
I use it.But not work.

qqjie_tu_20151207124049.png 46.77 KB
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its even better if the script

its even better if the script ready [even beta] for download and then post it here.

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