Revit to Max Importer

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Vizguy and Chris Gray

One click to organise and process Revit FBX files in 3Ds Max.
Save hours of time and stress with the Revit to max import script.

Revit 2 Max streamlines the import process from initial FBX import, and addresses all the issues along the way, ie imperial scaling from FBX, removing Autodesk’s Art renderer, and assigning your renderer of choice, deleting or layering all non geometry elements such as the sun system and various Revit generated objects.

Detach objects by material, keep the original editable mesh, without deforming the topology. Easily replace materials.

Re-name objects by their category, object name, and material. A great reference when applying new materials.

Combining catagorised layers, with objects split by material, allows you to navigate the scene easily, turn off ceilings if needed etc.

This script provides a consistent layering and object organisation that would otherwise take hours to do manually.

The script enables you to run components seperately.
Create a selection set for glass, to assign a glass material, and as a Vray override material.

This script is available to buy at

A video tutorial describes the features and how to use.

Once you've used Revit to Max, there's no going back!

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Revit to Max.

  • Detaches objects by material.
  • Keeps editable mesh. Doesn’t change mesh topology.
  • Fixes scale issues from FBX.
  • Organises objects into layers, based on category.
  • Names objects by their category, and material.
  • Separate material per object. No Multi Sub materials.
  • Creates a selection set for glass.
  • Option to add object names.
  • Option to clear the environment slot.
  • Assigns your default renderer.
  • Delete or create a layer for non geometry objects.
  • Option to Save your scheme.
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3Ds Max 2014 upwards
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