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Ruben Henares

Designed for big teams where you want to make sure that all the artists have the macroScripts they need and that all of them have the same version.By just running the installer from inside Max it will ask us to specify a name for the new menu that it will create later, a remote folder from where the scripts will be sincronized and a local folder where the scripts will be installed. Once we install the script, every time we start Max it will check if there is any new, updated or deleted script in the remote folder , it will update our local folder and menu. Very usefull.

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The macroscripts that you add to the remote folder must follow one rule.
The filename, the macroscript name and the tooltip must be the same.


Filename: TestScript.ms


macroScript TestScript category:"Script Manager" tooltip:"TestScript"


--Your code here


28/02/2008 .Bug fixed.

The uninstaller macroscript name was not the same as the filename. ScriptManager could't add the script to the menu.


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3ds max 8.0/9.0
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