Rotation Axis Snap

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MUST HAVE very useful script to rapid switch to the viewport closest to viewpoint angle in perspective/orthogonal view of object you are modelling. The analog of behavior of constrain angle snap in ZBrush (activated by holding shift key).

Good replacement for internal switching between viewports hot keys (T/L/B/R/V), allowing you to rapidly switch to the top, bottom or side views while modeling. Instead of 5-6 keys, now you will have only one, that is more sense and intuitive.

new in v1.10: press hotkey again to switch back to the previous perspective view

Additional Info: 

For installing select menu Scripting -> Run script... and select dowloaded file.
Select menu Customize -> Customize user interface -> Keyboard. Find category: "jaspar scripts". Assing a hotkey to the script.

Simply add a shortcut key (e.g. Shift-D), rotate to required view, and press that hot key. After that you will be immediately switched to closest viewport corresponding to constrain angle. For example, if you are in perspective/orthogonal view most closely achieved the top part of object, you will be switched to top view.

new in v1.10
- add ability to switch back to the previous perpective view

Version Requirement: 
jaspar_rotationaxissnap.mcr1.25 KB
jaspar_rotationaxissnap_v1_10.mcr1.73 KB


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VasiliyZaykin's picture

было бы круто добавить

было бы круто добавить возможность переключить вид в перспективу из той ортографии в которой находишься. как если просто нажать P в видовом окне

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Max 2012


thank you for this great tool.
Please tell me is there any chance for you to support Max 2012 as well?

Thank you

karma96's picture

top and down orientation

thank you amazing script.
top and down always snap to one axis unlike zbrush can you update the script?

d1myan's picture


Hi! Very good script. When you switch to view - maximizes the command Zoom Extents Selected. It would be better without zoom, keeping the scale

Hashub's picture

Great Script!

I used to switch to one of the orthographic views and then hit the Z key to zoom into selected objects, now this script kind of combine the workflow together and save the day, finally!

pedroamorim's picture

Thanks, great script! I had

Thanks, great script!
I had an idea for future implementation if you want.
You know how you can use the viewcube compass to rotate the views, for example if you are in top view, you can rotate the view port so the camera rotates to the right or left.
Is there a way for the script to figure out the rotation of the camera also?
so if you are looking at the model from top, it will figure out how to put in top view but also rotate it to match the previous view?

Thanks again!

harumscarum's picture

Thank you very very much

Thank you very very much

jaspar's picture

update v1.10

Here you are. Script has been updated with your suggestion.

harumscarum's picture

thanks! and suggestion

could you please update this script so it will switch back to the perspective view from any orthogonal ones


jaspar's picture

Works fine

This script has no interface. Just assign hot key to this macroscript, and while you are working in viewport press hot key and you will see how your viewport switches to the closest side view.

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