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If you're tired of 3dsmax Auto-saving and freezing when you are working, this script is for you.

It's based on an idea of Vincent Lacour.

installation :

Put the file in the Scripts/startup folder of your 3dsmax installation.

Restart 3dsmax How it works :

When you start 3dsmax you'll notice a new tool at the bottom left of your UI.

If you right clic on the biggest button, you'll see a few options :

– off to turn it off,

– restart to restart the countdown

– and a few timing options

If you choose a time interval the button starts to count the time.

It doesn't save automatically your file. When the chosen time interval is reached, the button starts to blink in red, so you know you should save.

To save your file, just clic on the big button to replace the file, use the + to increment or “As” to save as.

Each time you save with these buttons the countdown is restarted.


Updates :

03/08/2016 : now resetting a scene reset the counter


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chinaman's picture

continues to work crazy in

still work crazy in 2018 max(((how to fix it?

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Yes I’ve used 3d max studio

Yes I’ve used 3d max studio to make some animations. This freeze issue is still present and through your blog I wanted to request the developers team of this software to fix this issue by issuing some update because your forum is very popular. Get $1 dollar deposit casinos which is more helpful for the all level of scholars. Anyways I hope that soon this problem will be solved.

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can make it wont auto save

can make it wont auto save when scene is unchange(like afk for long time)?

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Hi, beautiful script,

Hi, beautiful script, thanks.
Is possible to create an option to dock the bar at another place in the UI? I mean, dock and save the place, so is not need to replace everytime max is open.


rvidal's picture

essencial script , but the

essencial script , but the new 3ds max 2018 made a mess in toolbars from other versions. The script windows size got crazy

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Thanks my friend...

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Thanks a lot, I was looking for a script like this!

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Thank you was going to

write something like this only very well done.

Noticed 2 small bugs. If you hit the + btn and escape out of the command the timer resets.

It doesn't check if the file is undefined it seems. Open a new file and hit the + it doesn't ask for save directory and saves the file as ".max"

Great script though! +1

Could the counter count down as opposed to up?

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