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SciFi Pattern Generator v.1.1 ! Generate complex structures with a single click! (WATCH THE VIDEOS!) 

This script lets you to generate impressive scifi structures or architectural elements on top of your meshes with a single click. This works EXTREMELY reliably. Meshes can easily be interchanged and it's generally a very simple workflow. Simply pick your target mesh with some source(pattern) meshes selected! In Version 1.1 pattern distribution is controlled using a sequence such as 1,1,2,2,1,1 or rnd #(1,5,3,4) that acts like a texture. In fact you can now use UVW mapping modifier to control tiling just like with any other texture ! This tool can save you a lot of time! Ideal to quickly create some background scenery!

 And just so we're clear, there are really no complicated setup procedures, you can just fire the script up and begin generating geometry with a single click! The script does all this work for you and you only modify settings where you want to.For instance this green and white area in the following picture is generated automatically! Everything is done automatically. You simply modify the distribution sequence or the UVW Mapping if you want to.                                                     


Everything in this script was designed for quickness, this is a true one click solution. Play with all the different settings to get a feeling for it. Also check out the youtube videos. They give a really good impression of what this script can actually do.                            

Version 1.1 comes with quite a few changes. The most important one being that it now supports multiple patterns that are automatically distributed over the surface of any target mesh. But it is also much more stable, easier, faster and also remembers all of the settings you make for the next time you start the script.                                                                                                                                                             

Pattern meshes can also be rotated now to quickly change the look and style of the entire structure. Extremely improved is the workflow (compared to v.1.0) . Your generated meshes will be automatically grouped and selected(optional) and there are buttons to quickly select/hide/unhide your previous target mesh(es), previous results etc., source patterns so that you can easily make changes or simply delete all of the previous results with one click.                                                                                                                                                               

When you change your pattern geometry just click  on GO once and everything will be updated automatically. Also your source (pattern) meshes will keep their original geometry class, modifiers, UV and everything. These things will not be touched by the script at all . It also supports instances now, so your geometry will always automatically update when you change your base-mesh.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Visit the link for more info. There are a lot  more interesting pictures on the official website!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
Thank you                                                                    
Extensively tested in Max 2010,Max 2012                                                                       


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Syphorlate's picture

That's interesting! Let me

That's interesting! Let me try to produce that with my script. Will email you then.

aazim's picture

i will buy it only if it can create the design i am looking


i need to create a vortex effect on a wall panel of 12'x 6' using nails i am trying to make it using hair and fur but not able to getting the desired result..

i am attaching a 3 images and a 3d pdf you can have a look and please get back to me my email id is [email protected]


01view_11-4-13.jpg 604.5 KB
02view_11-4-13.jpg 492.19 KB
03view_11-4-13.jpg 475.93 KB
nails_5.pdf 883.21 KB
Syphorlate's picture

hehe yeah... if that's ever

thanks! hehe yeah... if that's ever gonna happen... Actually "smart extrude" is part of this script. This script is the reason I did that thing anyways , it's basically extrusion with custom geometry. I have another plugin in the pipes. A voxel terrain editor... but who knows maybe I will devote some time to finish that thing properly ;-)

miauu's picture

Hey, Syphorlate, glad you

Hey, Syphorlate, glad you back.
Good work.
I am still waiting the Smart Extrude script to be updated by you. :)

Syphorlate's picture

Yeah will do.

One major feature that is not supported by populate is the use of gizmos to make only a part of the mesh stick to its face so some geometry like "legs" can be outside the area defined by the face. This is basically what makes the scifi-looking structures you see in the images above possible. That's currenlty not possible with populate.

Also my script is geared more toward a quick use where you select something and just hit "go".

barigazy's picture


Belive me it's free for a long time. I not know why, but who care.
Your price is now ok, but as I said you need to add new features and work on optimization.
Vote +1


Syphorlate's picture

Set the price to 9,99€. And

Set the price to 9,99€. And actually populate is closest to what my script does although there are a few things it doesn't do and it says its in public beta so maybe it won't be free forever...

barigazy's picture


Something like that. :) Look in the plugin section of this forum the prices of average tools. Maybe there you can find right balans for your price.


Syphorlate's picture

yeah it might be a different

yeah it might be a different thing if it wasn't free, so I guess I either make it free or don't give it away at all :-P

barigazy's picture


I dont't know. You need to decide that. I try Populate Panels and I very satisfied with all options that's already have. I do not want to mention it again this is a free tool. You need to add some unique options and optimizations to be able to keep the price.
This is my opinion, but maybe I wrong.
I have a lot scripts on this forum (simple and few advanced) and I share it for free because this is not my primary job.


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