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150 scripts in one gui. I'm using it to simplify my workflows. The commands.txt growed up over 5 years and will go on.

Hope you like it :o)

  • Fixed a "public-variable"-bug in the main-script which results in an errror in max7(+).
  • A few new scripts in the commands.txt
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unzip all files in max's script-folder and link it to a toolbar (category: maxscript/scriptcommander).

Version Requirement: 
8; 7; 6; 5.1
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Copy all files in the archive in the folder &lt;3dsmax&gt;\scripts.<br /> <ol> <li>-In 3dsmax goto menu maxscrips-&gt;run script and select the scriptfile &lt;3dsmax&gt;\scrips\scriptcommander .mcr</li> <li>-Goto menu Customize-&gt;Customize UI, and drag the command scriptcommander from the category maxscripttools to a toolbar</li> </ol> <div> - run the script using the scriptcommander-button<br /> Requirements: all files included (commands.txt and used scripts) </div>
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