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I rewrote the old scriptOrganiser from scratch, this time it is 95% pure .net  using c# with visual studio. Maintaining the old maxscript version was a pain since the script is pretty ui-heavy and very verbose code-wise in addition to  mixing the .net framework with maxscript. This time I made it less maxscript oriented so you can use it with all kinds of max related files and other files, hence the name change.. It lacks some of the features that the previous version had. If you want them back, just let me know.

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New features:

  • Multiple custom root paths to build the treeview on. Smart building of the tree. (No deep recursion)
  • Max related files are opened in max now (Scenes, import etc). Other files are opened in their native programs.
  • Implemented file watch system that notifies and updates the treeview whenever outside changes are made to the root paths' files and folders.
  • No excess files. It is now only a .dll-file, a startup script and a macro script. (No custom icons or .ini files)
  • Hotbar displaying favourited files and folders
  • Widget displaying on hotbar mouseover with additional options
  • Uses the users own icons for the files.
  • Settings are saved as windows application data.
  • Optional automatic error report sending.
  • Feedback form
  • Uses the users own colors.

Note that it is pretty much untested so you can say this is kind of a beta version for the moment, but I have added an easy feedback form, so if you have any bugs or requests please let me know. I expect it to be some bugs here : )

The gui is still a bit klunky. The first picture shows the root paths option menu where you manage your paths that you want to add to the tree view.

Added "favorites" folder and  a hotbar which automatically displays the favorite files and folders, with a widget that pops up on mouse over displaying additional options:


-- Old version:

Scriptorganiser is a tool for managing your scripts in a simple treeview layout, and when hidden it displays a quick access bar where you can add your favorite scripts with custom icons.

The image shows the script's layout and most of its characteristics, highlighting features such as internal drag and drop, creation of new folders and scripts, favourites folder and easy editing and running scripts right from the manager. It is easy hide-able so it wont take up too much screen estate.

The main idea behind this script is that you can just copy your script folder(with this script inside it) to any other PC and run the script once and have all your scripts ready to go in an instant. Alternatively you can copy your script folder to e.g. a dropboxfolder and use it from there and share it with others. Just run the script from you script folder and the script takes care of the setup!

Installation: Just drag this file into a max viewport or run it as a script, and an easy installer will pop up.
Download scriptOrganizer_old.mzp

The script optionally creates a startup script in\3ds Max 201x\Scripts\Startup\, and a folder named "_SO_" in the folder you choose when installing. You can access the "_SO_" folder by right clicking anywhere in the treeview and choose "Show source files". Tested and written in max 2011.

This is my first dive into the dotNet world in maxscript, so I'm sure there are some bugs laying around. Here is some of them that I know of:

  • Renaming of scripts created with the "new scripts" function will sometimes not work, that is, the scriptorganizer script will not let go of the control of the file so it can be edited. A re-run of the script will fix this issue.
  • When adding scripts to the hotbar, the favourite icons get skewed. When going to the treeview layout and back to the hotbar, the icons appear as they should.

Explanation of the GUI buttons (From left to right):
Hide: Minimizes the script organizer to the left.
Refresh view: Builds a new tree view. Useful if you have made changes to the script folder in windows while running the script.
Run: Executes the selected script, if a folder is selected then it is opened in windows. Double clicking a script/folder will do the same thing.
Edit: Edit the selected script, if a folder is selected then it is opened in windows.
Delete: Deletes the selected folder and sub folders and/or the selected script. Pressing the delete button will do the same.
Copy: Copies the selected folder and sub folders and/or the selected script.
Paste: Pastes the selected folder and sub folders and/or the selected script.
New folder: Creates a new folder inside the selected folder, if a script is selected then a new folder is created where the script is located.
New script: Creates a new script inside the selected folder, if a script is selected then a new script is created where the selected script is located.
Options Options for the script. More to be added soon.

Download old version scriptOrganizer_old.mzp

Version Requirement: 
Written and tested Max 2012. Not tested in previous versions.


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haavards's picture

I added that option now,

I added that option now, redownload the .mzp and replace the files or reinstall the script. Let me know if it works.

dsp_418, it should be there by default. If not just run the Macro_scriptorganiser.mcr file that is in the .mzp file. Just open it with a winzip or a similar program to extract it.

intheflesh's picture

Would be great if we could

Would be great if we could set a preference to start in hotbar mode when 3ds max is launched. Currently it's opening in the full width for me on Win 7 3ds Max 2012 PU 10 x64

Great work!

dsp_418's picture

Thank you for the dll. I

Thank you for the dll. I tried it but same issue. As you said it's related to Aero, as I turn it off the issue disappears. Kinda funny as I've issues with the basic windows theme in other apps! :)
Hopefully one of the next version will fix the aero issue, for now I can create a button and call it whenever I need it as a floating window, that should works.


edit: the only thing I can't find the script among the other in the toolbar customization.

haavards's picture


The dock issue has something to do with the Aero theme if I remember correctly. Maybe try disabling the Aero theme if you got that enabled. I looked into it some time ago but I can't remember if I fixed in this new version that I have had lying around for half a year now. I'll upload the new version as a separate file since it can cause some problems for some (that has most likely been fixed now).
Just replace the original file in max's root directory with this one.

Bunch of bugfixes, but the main two things that I remember is that the annoying error that pops up when adding new files to favourited folders is now gone. You can also run and install macroscripts using the right click menu.

dsp_418's picture

Dock issue

Great script,

just a shame the dock feature cause the following issue.

When is docked I can't click any script or folders (nothing on the tree actually), as I move the mouse over the Organizer the cursor changes to the dock cursor and thus I can only dock or un-dock it.
Once un-docked scripts are clickable again. I'd love to keep it docked as having a floating window is not very handy.

Thanks for the work!

Kinofaya's picture

Using .mzp


I am trying tou use your script, but most of the script i have are .mzp, how can I deal with that ?


huschi's picture


really a usefull tool. The once think I'm missing is the ability to rename the basefolders (via RMB). Anytime I try this, a .NET Dialog appear and will send anything to anywhom. Btw. who is "anywhom", the recipient from these infos? Is it you?
Also what I'm still missing since the last version is the ability to resize it horicontally...
A doubleclick leads me to a complete other place on my harddisk. Was better implemented in the earlier version. Still no drag and drop. No chance to build a new folder. Maybe its already implemented but its still not working about the RMB-Click Bug. Wyh do you dont just use the explorer librarys from .net. I'm sure there is a way for it and all these tiny problem would be solved with a big BUUM.... maybe..;-)
If I add some or just one script(s) into one of the indexed folders during Max is up, it was up, means it crashes immediately.

Anyway keep going.

Thanks for your developing ;-)


jinj's picture

i installed max 2013

i installed max 2013 again....
dunno what it was... but now it installed without problem and working fine... thank you

haavards's picture

Your are using the old .ms or

Your are using the old .ms or .mcr file. Before installing, delete the and the Macro_ScriptOrganiser.mcr.

jinj's picture

yes i downloaded more than

yes i downloaded more than once...

error at line 2:

dotNet.LoadAssembly (getDir #maxroot + "ScriptOrganiser.dll")
i downloaded the ddl from your site and edited the MaxDotnet.config too

this is not comparing right now with dll for max 2012
error at line 6:

global commandPanelHeight = (filterString (getINIsetting (cui.getConfigFile()) "Command Panel" "FRect") " ")[3] as integer

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