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Sectioning Script by Wassim Jabi

Sectioning is a 3ds Max script to create sections of your model in any of the three directions and flatten those on the XY plane as editable splines in preparation for laser cutting/digital fabrication. The script does not (yet) add notches for an 'egg-crate' model, but that is a planned feature. For now, it is more suitable for layered models. Please see the video for more information on how it works. The script is encrypted and was written for 3DS Max 2012. Kindly refrain from copying it and distributing it without permission.

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so nice so coooooooool~!

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very nice...

very nice...

3d Artist  

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Creative idea. This is fun to

Creative idea. This is fun to mess around with. Very nice.

John Martini
Digital Artist (new site)

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Thanks Wassimj.. It is really great to have sections for fab. It would be much more great with the "egg crate" model tool as you said. We will be waiting for that too...

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thank you wassimj
really usefull tool
and i think it will be perfect if you can make some improvements to it:
1)define a certain distance when you make the sectioning
2)like the "spacing tool" in 3dsmax, you can assign any directions by selecting a path or make two points

sorry for my pool english
thank you again
good job

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i actually never started a

i actually never started a script from that pulldown menu before...

thank you wassimj

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Installation and use

You can install this script in the default location for 3DS Max startup scripts if you wish (e.g. C:\Program Files\AutoDesk\3ds Max Design 2012\Scripts\Startup) or you can simply loaded it up anytime you need it by using the MaxScript --> open script menu.

To get to the actual script:
Go to the Utilities tab (the hammer icon)
Click on the Maxscript button underneath that
From the pull-down menu that appears, choose "Sectioning"
The interface will then show up below that.

1. You press the "Select Object to Section" button and then choose an object from the scene.
2. You decide how many sections you want to cut in each direction (it always cuts parallel to the world-coordinate planes -- if you wish to cut at a different angle you have to rotate your object. Will look into making that more versatile in future versions).
3. Once sectioning is done, you can choose to flatten the sections. The columns are basically to find out how to lay out the sections (rows and columns).
4. The sections are named by their sequence as well as their coordinates along the axis they are cut.

I hope that helps. I would love to see if someone uses that to make a laser cut model. Send me pics :)

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looks good, i know, it sounds

looks good,

i know, it sounds dumb, but i got a problem, how to start this script?

please, install instructions.

thx in adv.

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I checked it out and it works fine with Max 2010 but it only works in World coord-sys
It would be nice if it can be a user working coor-sys so that maybe follow
along a cube path diagonally for example.


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This looks like a very useful tool!
Thanks from


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