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Shater Autorig is humanoid feature Animation rig creator and olso Games simple rig creator, with flexible and easy to use animation tools for production (unlimited pose manger/keying tools/reseting/ik-fk/stretching/squashing/bending limbs and spine)

check youtube vids down

 I Believe Your time is valuable in production , Let Shater Autorig do the technical work and you focus your effort and money on Animation.

Who can use this?

any simple max user can use Shater autorig its very simple to use.

*recommeded for generalists and riggers to save their time.

What kind of Rigs it gives ?

 humanoid Games Rigs and feature Animation production humanoid rigs.


-make humanoid rig with great features in just sec's.

-Multi Type Rigs: you can choose between several rigs (Feature animation rig  or simple rig for games or secondry characters)

-simple workflow and easy to use: (workflow is linear but with saving guide option you can edit your guide and reRig in less than a min. )

-FK-ik controls

- stretchy limps &spine.

-bendy-curvy limps: (with 2 types of animatable controllers , simple modifer can bend your limbs as required or by viewport controllers which can be hided/shown as needed from character tools.

-powerful pose manger: (unlimited poses for each characters body and face ) and remaping poses between characters is easy cause they have similar naming sets. (pose factory is free now and you can try it on any character )

- clean layering system for rig bones helpers controllers

-auto skinning (add skin modifier to all character mesh with all skin bones auto -no auto vertex weighting- means you have to edit skin vertex weight/paint or envelopes manually)

-rig tools for reseting to Tpose anytime, keying all , load save animation , load save unlmited poses.

-naming independant : you can change your character name even after the rig is created and all the rig and its tools will work just fine.

-rig tools: for reseting to Tpose anytime, keying all , load save animation , load save unlmited poses.


see Youtube videos for Workflow.



--character tools (keying -reseting to Tpose-save/load temp pose -save load animation - changing squash/stretch -show hide extra level controllers - rename character - and other stuff)

--Pose manger unlimited poses with 2 ways of grouping poses.


Additional Info: 


update log:


v2.2 update

*Guide (Mostly foolproof -proof against misuse-  edits)


-added Unit setup auto to cm (Try making your model close to real world scale to avoid problems later stages even Lighting need close to Real world scales -always select your meshes and hit "Model select&cleanup" too).

-mirroring you can edit left side only of the guide , rightside will be frozen , just hit "mirror guide" when you happy with adjasting your guide.(model must be on the center)

-added fingers spacing angel adjastable.

-Fingers guide also changed default for ease of use.




Fingers controller minor changes on looks and locking some unneeded rotation axis for ease of use and foolproofing only.

Hands ik parented to hips controller by defualt when you hit "link arms" and resetting pose to Tpose working fine (if you plan to change links you should freeze transforms after so resetting to Tpose to work without issues) 

*Finishing Tap

-Auto skinning button added with 2 options

auto :which get the mesh you selected and prepared on guide tap) and add skin to what you selected there. (which can contain eyes and meshes you don't need skin mod on but you can always clean later)

selected: add skin modifier to selected mesh only.

please unfreeze models b4 adding auto skinning

*note : this is basic skin modifier , Autorig just adding the skin bones for you , you need to adjast your skin (vertex weight/vetex painting/envelopes).

*same as old version skin bones are collected on a layer and on selection set for ease of use too.



*optional tap

optional tap is mostly about saving time changing controllers.

- shape thickness change on selected to edit your controllers shapes fast. 

you still can always replace the shape controller by picking any other shape while selecting the controller you want to change and hit "replace control"






update 2.1

Fixed bugs

-Mirroring fingers fix


new features

-when opening the script, identify the guide if existed on scene ( plz dont make more than one guide on one scene )


-added 2 butons on Finish section just small autolinking the whole rig -this should be manuall for best results but for those who need it (link legs and spine) and (lining arms)

-auto relinking arms to helper near the neck "chname_spine_Bendy_hlp_8" for default if its 16 bones it will link to the "chname_spine_Bendy_hlp_16" if u need to adjast it and relink to nearest "chname_spine_Bendy_hlp_" , its your call.


for simple spine game rig , plz do it manually

the arms parents helpers named "chname_L_ArmParent_Helper"


history V:1.0; background-position: center; background-repeat: no-repeat; height: 266px; width: 320px; " data-original-id="BLOGGER_object_4">




Setup an update : just replace old files



have fun animating

 pose factory is free now and working with any rig just name your layers as shater autorig system or in the setup section.

download pose factory  


for more info and FAQ's plz visit script page on my blog

[email protected]

happy animation :)






Version Requirement: 
+max 9 created and tested on max 2014-2018
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shaterstudio_moody_rig_v1.1-setup.rar3.77 MB