Shater AutoRig

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v 2.01
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I Believe Your time is valuable in production , Let Shater Autorig do the technical work and you focus your effort and money on the Art.

Who can use this?
anyone can use Shater autorig its very simple to use.

What kind of Rigs it gives
?it can give you Games Rigs and feature Animation production rigs.

-FK-ik controls , stretchy limps &spine , bendy-curvy limps ,biped mocap support ,pose manger.
- clean layering system for rig bones helpers controllers
see Youtube video for Workflow.

Additional Info: 

--Save load animation
--Pose manger unlimited poses with 2 ways of grouping poses.
--Same old ShaterAutorig v1.0 features as - Naming independant -, you can change the name anytime without problems.

--Biped Integeration :
its not working for now , will be updated it soon.

Shater Autorig V.2.0 Released Get it now
license:it cost only 99.9$ for a full License. visit my blog for more info.

Try it now
Download moody rig v1.1 From Attached file.
the file attached is a free Rig not an Autorig .

[email protected]
happy animation :)

Version Requirement: 
+max 9 created and tested on max 2014
Video URL: 
shaterstudio_moody_rig_v1.1-setup.rar3.77 MB