Show Textures in viewport (one click!)

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A simple check button to place on your toolbar, to show or hide your material textures on viewport.

If there's nothing selected, it works on all materials in scene. Otherwise, on materials from selected objects only.

It supports almost any kind of material or render engine.

The script was written in a way that depends as minimum as possible on render engine, so it should support a wide range of engines and materials. But it's not infallible.

So far, it was tested successfully in Scanline, Vray, Corona and FStorm renderers.
I cannot test all engines, so please report here any issue and also feel free to modify the script as you desire

Additional Info: 

- v 1.0 Successfully checked with Scanline, VRay and Corona renderers.
- v 1.02 Added support for FStorm Bitmaps.
- v 1.05 Added ability to work either on selected objects or all materials in scene.

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Ali_essawy's picture

Thank you!!

This is amazing, thank you very much..

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Added ability to work on selection only or all scene materials

Your wishes came true! :)
New update v1.05 released!
If there's any geometry selected, it works only on those materials. Otherwise it shows/hides all material textures in scene.

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Need to work with scene or selection

If nothing selected -> show all scene maps, if one or more object selected -> turn selected only

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The script is really simple...

That can happen if you have low memory, too much textures in scene or maybe other external reason. But does not deppends on the script.
The script just executes a simple action in loop and it was tested in all max versions above 2013.
Please try with a scene with less textures.

Custom's picture

Works in one direction >on, when off - hangs max

max 2014, vray 3.60.03

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Added support for FStorm Bitmaps

FStorm materials do not support 3dsmax "Show material in viewport" function for the whole material. Try it in the material editor and you'll see.
However, it does support it for FStorm bitmaps.
So I added support in the script for cases in which there are FStorm materials with a single texture as diffused map.
Added in current v1.02 version.

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it doesn't work with FStorm materials

it doesn't work with FStorm materials

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You save us, God bless you, thanks.

niksoftarg's picture

Perfect on 3dsmax 2018

Thanks a lot, this is a huge time saver.

Marsman's picture

It works perfectly!

I am using Corona and this works perfectly. Thank you a lot!

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