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ShutDownSave V2.0 by 3dwannab (◣_◢) - 16/09/14


Dev. by Stephen Sherry.

Free for all use and / or modification. If you modify the script, please mention my name, cheers. :)


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Uses a UI to load a choice of 3 scripts onto the post render script dialog to enable shutdown of your computer post render without the need to stay up with it. It also comes with other options like:

● Save output file to user input location.

● Time Output type (3options) ** May add specific ranges later.



1. Install using the ShutDownSave_VX.X_by_3dwannab.mzp installer (Drag this into 3ds Max window or run this file).

2. To get a toolbar for it go to: Customize -> Customize User Interface -> Toolbars Category: '3dwannab' and drag 'ShutDownSave (◣_◢)' to a toolbar.

3. Have your render set up ready to go.

4. Click the toolbar icon to start the script. You have 3 time options:

● 1, 5 and 10 minutes after the render has completed to let your computer cool down depending on the severity of the time taken to render.

5. Click an option above.

6. Gives you the option to save the file.

7. It set-up a script to turn of your machine with the giving options above for you.

8. Saves the maxfile after rendering with the suffix '_ShutDownSave' so you know approx how long the render took when comparing the two saved files without the need of a stamp on your render.

9. Shuts-off machine when time option selected has been reached with the HiddenDOSCommand and forces all applications to close but enables a planned shut down by the user so you get no wanted unplanned ones on your system.

10. Gives one final warning/option to stop or continue the planned shutdown if you so wish.



● I would advise to save your work and close other applications before going to bed and leave only 3ds Max running.

● To cancel the render at any time hit the WIN+R key and type: shutdown -a

● TESTED AND WORKS IN MAX 2014, WIN7X64 (I'm sure older versions will not have a problem) but at the very worst v2010 and up.

● HiddenDOSCommands are being sent from this script to the computer, these are harmless and will not affect your work.

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Tested with 2014 but should work with older versions
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Very helpful. I found that it

Very helpful. I found that it works also good without beeping(with deleted 3dwannab).

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No Probs:

FYI. Here's part of the the file that's inside the .mzp file which automatically copy's all files to relevant locations. You can see locations here.

Copy "Icons\\*.*" to "$userIcons\"
treeCopy "xmplay\\*.*" to "C:\Windows\3dwannab\"
copy "ShutDownSave_Beep.wav" to "C:\Windows\3dwannab\"
copy "*.ms" to "$userscripts\3dwannab\ShutDownSave\"
copy "*.mcr" to "$usermacros\"

So to find locations for usermacros type getDir #usermacros for example in the listener and hit return. Do this for the remaining.

That folder your referring to is a system folder and not part of max so I placed it there. This is to make a beep sound when the render has stopped.

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SOLVED (installation issue)

Thank you for such a quick response! Next time I have surmised to run MAX as admin and everything was fine.
Just one question:
3dwannab - is the only folder created outside of usual locations as
C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2014\
C:\Users\BSOD\AppData\Local\Autodesk\3dsMax\2014 - 64bit\ENU

I usually transfer settings-preferences-scripts(ESPECIALLY) between my machines by lazy copying these entire folders and now I see there is one(?) more for the "party".

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Try creating a folder called

Try creating a folder called 3dwannab in: C:\Windows\ and try again. Basically it copys the xmplay folder inside the mzp file to that location.

PS. mzp files can be open with winrar

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installation issue

First tried to drop into the window, but then didn't find in categories...
Tried to Run it and got this (see attach)

untitled-1.jpg 38.88 KB
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no problem


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Great Idea


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