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Sergei Kozin

 Camera Exporter

Sk-Films: Camera Exporter is similar to some other camera exporters (incl. StateSets Autodesk Link). Except its pipeline is a bit different and it includes some useful features. One of them is that Exporter takes in account animation length for each object. So every item in lists that has keyframes will be trimmed in AE and will not have any extra keyframes. This animation based workflow no longer needs you to set ranges for export (even if any of the key-frames are outside of track-bar range) and creates nice and sorted composition in AE.


  • FreeCamera and TargetCamera Export (accordingly: One-Node/Two-Node camera in AE)
  • Supports Omni, Spot and Direct Lights (Free/Targeted) (Any unsupported lights will be Exported as Omni)
  • Supports Spot Light Hotspot and Falloff.
  • Automatically determines Composition length based on keyframes (If absent the trackbar range will be used)
  • Trims layers individually based on their animation range.
  • Automatically sorts out any Picked/Added item into lists.
  • Any Selected objects (on Script execution) will be automatically added.


  • Drag and Drop script onto 3D Max
  • via MenuBar (Maxscript->Run Script-> <Choose script file>)


   v. 0.9.1  

  • Changed some names which were conflicting with reserveed variables 

   v. 0.9.2

  • Sunlight support added

   v. 0.9.3

  • DayLight Support added
  • Parrallel light falloff option support temporarly disabled. 
  • Added StartFrame info Mark to AfterEffects camera layer for easier footage sync in case if camera layer needs to be moved on timeline.

  v. 0.9.4

  • Export Playback Range (Animation Range) added.

  v. 0.9.5

  • IMPORTANT! Camera Target animation fixed.

  v. 0.9.6

  • Scale animation export added (For Objects)

Know issues: 

  • Script comes back with error using some Vray Lights (partly solved).
    Possibe workaround - is to create a helper,  align it to light and export helper insted of light.
  • Script gives "Undefined Selection Error" if selected object has an ' (apostrophe) in the name.
    So please make sure you don't use one, if you want this script to work correctly. 


!The script is in beta test stage, so if any errors found or any features that you might want to see please report via this form:

Version Requirement: 
Tested on 3D Max 2013
Other Software Required: 
AE CS6 (or lower)


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Laserschwert's picture

Scene scale

This is a very cool script, but I'm having a slight problem (that's probably an easy fix):

Very often I'm working on a millimeter scale in Max and when I export the scene with your script, the scale of the scene is very small in After Effects, so that moving object in the viewport (using their coordinate crosses) is very difficult, since the movement steps are huge.

Would it be possible to add a scale spinner in the script window? You can have it set to "1.0" as a default, and on export all position coordinates get multiplied by the spinner value. This way I can easily scale the exported scene up to whatever I need.

deathevor's picture

Thanks for feedback Ilya. I

Thanks for feedback Ilya.

I will check it when I'll have time.
But will post a warning for others. Thanks

ilya's picture


this is a really great script - I was trying to figure out how to translate the rotation from max to ae for a while.

There is a bug however - I have an object with an ' (apostrophe) in the name and the script throws an undefined selection error. Otherwise works really well.

C00PER's picture


Hey, now everything works perfectly! Thanks for such quick responce and for such useful and convenient script!

deathevor's picture

Scale Animation Export

As requested:

Scale animation export added.
Works only on objects. As other types (cameras, lights) doesn't have such property in After Effects.

deathevor's picture

Camera Target - Fixed

Fixed!!! Thank you very much for feedback COOPER.
This one was a major mistake there - it was only looking on very first keyframe.

deathevor's picture

That's good idea. Thanks will

To C00PER:

That's good idea about exporting scale. Thanks will add it in next update.
What do you mean animation of camera target? Should work, but I'll double check.

UPD: True. Probably happened in one of updates. Fixing it now.

C00PER's picture

camera target

also, it seems that it ignores animation of camera target

C00PER's picture


Hello, thanks for a very useful script. Could you add ability to export Scale track for objects in future versions?

dsp_418's picture

I did a first very rough test

I did a first very rough test but this seems to work incredibly well!
I'll keep testing it at this point, because if it works how it seems to work I'm not sure I need to export via State Sets anymore.

Thank you!

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