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John Pruden

This free MaxScript instantly displays the material of the selected object (or objects) in a new view in the Slate Material Editor. Currently, Slate does not have a quick and easy way to do this. Slate View Selected allows you to create multiple views as well. You can close the script dialog box and the script will continue to run until you re-run the script where you can stop it. In the dialog box you can also set a "display max" so that if you select a large number of objects, Slate won't waste time collecting and displaying all the materials used by objects in the selection. The default is 5, but you can set this to any number you like.

To download the latest available version, go to via the link below and add this item to your shopping cart. If you are not purchasing any other items, you do NOT need to enter any credit card info during the checkout process. Your file will be available for immediate download.

The best way to install the script is to go to the MaxScript menu (within 3dsMax) and choose "Run Script" and point it to the .mzp file.

Please contact us via email if you have any questions, requests, ideas, or problems.

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