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Shawn Olson

This free script will add several new functions to the Slice Modifier. Among the key features are a Quick Slice functionality that will allow you to progressively Slice and Cap objects with a method like the Quick Slice function in the Graphite Toolbar. During the chaining, the sliced object is capped. This is helpful for several kinds of tasks like slicing convex brush geometry for BSP games (like the Source Engine).

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To install, simply copy the to your scripts/startup folder and restart Max. If you have Wall Worm or Wall Worm Pro 3.07+ installed, this script is already included.

Using Quick Slice in Perspective view can often produce unexpected slice plane results. Orthographic views (like Top, Front, Left, etc) are always more predictable.



  • Fixed functions when using a Slice modifier instanced across multiple objects and the methods were offsetting slice results.
  • Added Undo to collapse functions.


  • Added new Cap option to make the automatic capping optional.
  • Added new button to Cap-Collapse-Explode which will explode all the pieces into separate objects.
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Tested in 2014+, Probably any version
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Unable to register.

Hi, Tried to get Wall Worm Pro at, but I am unable to register at, it looks like it does, but unable to login after (no email in database) and I have no confirmation email. It is your page or it some scam, or what is going on?

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Hey Shawn, I used this script on a different machine and now it seems to have propagated via the project file, haha. On this fresh install of Max ('21), I keep getting

--Unknown property: "MatIDPolicy" in undefined

errors when I click on Editable Poly, and it seems somehow that there are wire parameters "WallwormSliceTools" added 4x to the meshes that I can't delete or anything (or, well, don't know how to).. basically it means clicking on a maxscript error message 4 times in a row on each object change, or reinstalling the script that I don't really need ;)

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I've heard others having that

I've heard others having that issue but when I view in FF I see the downloads. Do you have the latest versions of FF installed?


Shawn Olson

Developer of Wall Worm

miauu's picture


Hi, Shawn!

I use Mozila Firefox. When I go to Downloads tab i see this:

NaN error

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