Sox Biped Assist

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Lee SangWon

This tool improves biped work efficiency.


1. Biped selection


2. Hotkey combination

 - Ctrl = add selection

 - Alt = subtract selection

 - Shift = straighten the joint


3. Keyframe Assist

  - Add keys to all parts of the bipad.

  - Apply IK/FK keys for selected or all keys. (Shift = all keys, Ctrl = selected keys)


4. Convenient functions for looped animation

 - Trim: Deletes all keys outside the Loop Range.

 - Sel. : Select keys in Loop Range. It works on the currently selected object.

 - Mirror: Go to Mirror frame, for example, in the case of a 32-frame looping animation, press repeatedly at frame 0 to cycle between 0 and 16 frames Pressing repeatedly at frame 2 cycles back and forth between 2 and 18 frames.

caution! The Mirror button only works within the Loop Range. If the number of Loop frames is odd, it won't work.


5. Get, Set button

 -Get: Gets the current max animation range.

 -Set: Set the animation range of Max.


6. 8 timeline shortcut buttons

You can register up to 8 frequently frequent frames.

Ctrl + click the button to record the current time.

Just press the button to go to the recorded time.

Alt-clicking the button deletes the recorded time.


7. Playback Speed drop-down list

Controls the playback speed of the animation.


8. Blocking Animation

Biped is a TCB controller, so it cannot be viewed in a step method.

You can play the animation in Step style through the blocking animation play button.

Blocking works based on the keyframe of the selected bipeds.