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Spline-2-Poly v2.x is a UI-driven MaxScript for Autodesk 3DS Max which can be used to create editable polygon meshes from closed loops of 3- or 4-splines.

The video previews show the basic functionality of Spline-2-Poly:

The first shows how meshes are created, modified, imported etc.
The second show additional right-click functionality which was added after the initial video was uploaded.

The third video is a Pre-release demo of S2P v2.2 which adds a user-requested feature currently named "Vertex Snap" (this has been renamed to "Vertex Mapped Patch" in the final release.

A fully-commented source code is included.

This is a Commercial Script

Additional Info: 

Known Bugs in v2.1

1. The UI does not activate the "Create the Mesh" button when importing a mesh that was created with a blank name. The workaround is to import the mesh, change the name in the Spline-2-Poly UI (not Max UI) to a non-blank value and then re-import the mesh.

Bug Fixes in v2.2

1. In Spline-2-Poly v2.1, it was not possible to create a mesh with a blank name field, but it was possible to create a mesh and then delete the mesh name in the UI. Once this blank name had been changed and saved as custom data on the mesh, it was possible to import the mesh but the UI would not activate the "Create the Mesh" button. A workaround was to import the mesh, change the name and then re-import the mesh.
This has been fixed in v2.2 which now allows Blank name fields (although not recommended)

2. When importing a named mesh which had been renamed in the Max UI, Spline-2-Poly would import the original name of the mesh as specified at creation time. In v2.2, the UI now imports the scene name of the mesh even if it is blank (see bugfix 1)

Bug Fixes in v2.3

Under certain circumstances, the new mesh creation routines in version 2.2 could cause “mesh pinching” and misalignment along some edges. This did not show up during testing (and still doesn’t) but has been proven to happen on a user-submitted file. Existing customers should have already received this update.

(Although no one has pointed it out yet - v2.3 was a "quick-fix" and I forgot to update the version/build numbers in this version - apologies for any confusion)

Version Requirement: 
Max 9+


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Donation Ware?

A shame this script isn't free anymore!

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Twisted Mesh in Spline-2-Poly v2.2

Although not a bug, per se, I have come across a couple of situations where the "Vertex-mapped patch" option creates a twisted mesh. This is due to the order in which the splines are picked and the spline directions.

The solution is to swap back to "Spline-2-Poly Patch" mode, Create the Mesh, and then Rotate the Mesh (which changes the spline order) and then go back and create a Vertex-Mapped Patch.

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Thank you for your comment

I'm glad that you like my work.

If you like, you can donate directly to my email address: [email protected]


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Script spline to awsome

Hey Budy, i got tell you. i work both 3dmax and rhinoceros.

And your script is just like "suface from 3 or 4 curves".

Its just awsome, works real fine. Congratulations, i wish i could donate someway for your work.

Diego Dneo - Product Designer

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Thankyou for your comment

The script is under active development and I will add in as much functionality as I can as time goes by.

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it has good potentiality but

is no good for architect that dont use many curves. this plug doesnt do an adaptive surface optimized like max's loft does.

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If you checkout the second

If you checkout the second video, you can see that in v2.1 I added the option to select a few splines and then add them to the UI by right-clicking on any one of the pick buttons. There are limitations, of course, in that if you were to select more than 4 splines the UI has no idea which splines you want (at least not in this version), so you should select only the splines you wish to use.

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Looks like a very useful

Looks like a very useful script, I'll try it out soon :) And thanks that youre going to share the code, will be interesting to look at for sure.

Just a small suggestion, maybe it would be nice to pick the splines in one go, so you dont have to click each button.

Thanks for sharing,

Never get low & slow & out of ideas

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