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Boolean Splines + Shape Cutter + Intersections Detection



Spline Combiner is a 3dsMax script for simultaneous editing of multiple spline curves, wich lets you perform boolean operations between shapes, cut and break them into parts and control curve intersections.
Combine multiple independent shapes with boolean functions, like in a 2D vector software, using Union, Subtraction or Intersection methods.

Use the Shape Cutter tool to make cookie cuts on shapes and conveniently break them into smaller parts.
Automatically detect intersections between splines and add new vertices or place helpers. Find self intersections in single splines. Break lines at crossing points.

This is an ideal tool for artists and professionals in the fields of Architectural Visualization, 3D Modeling, CG Animation and Motion Graphics.

Spline Combiner is a commercial script for 3dsMax 2012 and higher.

Spline Combiner 3dsmax script by SplineDynamics.com


  • Boolean Splines
    – Support for multiple independent shapes.
    – Methods: Union, Subtraction, Intersection.
    – Automatically prepare shapes for boolean: close, flatten, make coplanar.
  • Shape Cutter
    – Use one shape to cut others. Both open and closed shapes are accepted.
    – Automatically prepare shapes: flatten, make coplanar.
    – Cookie cut option for closed shapes.
    – Keep splines as subobjects or detach them all.
  • Spline intersections Detection
    – 3 options: between different shapes, between sub-splines in a shape, self-intersections.
    – Actions: refine, split splines, detach all.
    – Place helpers at intersections.
  • Additional Tools: Attach selected shapes, Weld vertices, Flatten shapes.
  • No plugin dependency.

Speed up your workflow amazingly with this script!

Additional Info: 

10 days Trial version available.

New great feature in v1.20:

Perform Boolean operations and other types of combinations between shapes with coincident/overlapping edges or segments.
It works with both open and closed splines. This method accurately preserves the original lines and saves a lot of time.
It allows you to quickly process multiple shapes at once. Ideal for easily obtaining outlines/contours and combining curves from a set of shapes.

Version Requirement: 
2012 or higher
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Detect 3D splines intersection

Yes, it can detect spline intersections in 3D space and cut them. :D

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this script can cutting intersect 3dimensional spline?
Only 2D?

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