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Splines overview instantly



Spline Data is a really handy tool to get realtime information about the spline curves in your 3ds Max scene.
It shows plenty of helpful data on a simple rollout floater, wich you can place wherever you like on your screen.
Instantly get informed about the number of shapes, curves, segments, vertices, etc. in your scene or selection.

Discover why your shapes don’t extrude properly. Hidden duplicated splines, extra vertices, open splines and other common errors will show up when Spline Data reveals the true values of your spline curves.

Spline Data 3dsmax script

This tool is ideal for artists and professionals who usually work with a great amount of curves, such as architects, graphic designers, engineers, CG animators and motion graphers.

Spline Data is a commercial script for 3dsMax 2012 and higher.

Spline Data 3dsmax script by SplineDynamics.com


  • Gets data either form all shapes in scene or from selection.
  • Amount of shapes, spline curves, segments and vertices.
  • Total length, total size (x,y,z).
  • Number of open/closed splines.
  • Non-editable splines, hidden shapes.
  • Number of materials (standard/multisubobject).
  • Practical, simple and clear UI.
  • Automatically updates info. Force manual refresh when necessary.
  • Lets you convert rare/unsupported shapes to Editable Splines.
  • No plugin-dependency. Simple drag & drop installation.

Get an instant overview of your spline curves in 3dsMax and speed up your workflow!

Version Requirement: 
3ds Max 2012 or higher