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Subobjects Converter

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If Esc+Key of script keyboard pressed and current subobjectlevel is Face or Element and selected all faces then will run Smoothing Groups floater (a separate special window)
Если нажата Esc+кнопка скрипта и текущий подобъект Грани или Элементы и все грани выделены, то будет запущен Smoothing Groups floater (отдельным специальным окошком)

Fixed bug of switch from subobject 5 to 4
Added Extended Subobjects:

Subobject 1:

If Esc+1 pressed then switch Enable/Disable Softselection

Subobject 2:

If the number of selected edges > 0 and

Vertices to Splines

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Generate splines from the normals of mesh vertices.

This script is useful to create quick hair/fur splines or special effects.
It’s an incredibly powerful tool when used in conjunction with TurboSplines script to create things like tentacles, spikes, spines, appendices, etc.

You can set the number of splines, length, number of knots, variation and chaos.

Spline Data

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Spline Data 3dsmax script - banner

Splines overview instantly



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v2.6: Collapse on Edit_Poly modifier using Scale Transform Type-In

And all this works by single button

Weld and Smooth

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Using single one hotkey of Chamfer, works with:
Используя единственную горячую кнопку для Chamfer, работает с:
Edit_Poly: [Vertices, Edges, Faces(inset)] 
Editable_poly: [Vertices, Edges, Faces(inset)] 
Edit_mesh: [Vertices, Edges] 
Editable_mesh: [Vertices, Edges] 
Edit_Spline: [knots (Fillet), 
Spline sub-obj (Outline)] 
SplineShape: [knots (Fillet), Spline sub-obj (Outline)] 
line: [knots (Fillet), 
Spline sub-obj (Outline)] 


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Added Fix tool if created bug-Faces


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Two simple scripts for simplifying work with spline vertices.

  • Connect Two Vertices - connects two ending vertices with new segment.

  • Select First Vertex - selects first vertex in selected spline sub-object.

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