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Smart Spline Subdivision



Spline Refiner is a 3dsMax productivity tool to fine-tune your spline shapes incredibly fast, in a simple and efficient way.

With this plugin, you can subdivide the splines uniformly, in a human-like manner, adding detail only where it needs to. So, you get a balanced segments distribution without altering the shape of your curves or touching the existing vertices.

Spline Refiner can process hundreds of splines in seconds, with just a few clicks! This tool will really speed-up your workflow and enhance your work!

This is ideal for CG artists and professionals who usually work with vector curves in 3dsMax, e.g. for Architectural Visualization (Arch-Viz), Engineering, Industrial Design, 3D logo design and spline modeling in general.

Spline Refiner 3dsmax script by SplineDynamics.com


  • Simple, user-friendly UI, thought for fast workflow.
  • Supports actions on multiple shapes simultaneously.
  • Can handle shapes with modifiers applied. (Acts on base object level)
  • Equalize Subdivision: generates a uniform spline segmentation, preserving the existing vertices.
    – Segment length: automatic calculation or based on a user input.
    – Action on multiple splines: selectively per each spline or general for all shapes.
    – Operates either on the whole spline or only on curved parts (excluding straight lines).
  • Increase Subdivision: divide every segment in spline in 2 halves.
    – Apply the action recursively n number of times.
    – Affect the whole spline or just curved parts.
  • Optimize straight lines: delete unnecessary vertices from straight lines.
  • Convert all segments to linear.
  • Change basic curve interpolation parameters for all selected shapes.
  • ‘Show vertex ticks’ switch to better display changes on segmentation.
  • Custom ‘Undo last action’ command. / Revert Actions: undo all the changes made on selected shapes.
  • o plugin-dependency. Simple drag & drop installation.

There's plenty of tutorials and documentation at www.SplineDynamics.com

Version Requirement: 
2012 and higher
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