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Kevin Mackey

Tool to create branching geometry from a series of splines.

The Download URL is for the free version.
Follow the Homepage URL for the full version.

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To install, simply extract SplineBrancher.zip into your 3DS Max directory.

After opening Max, select MAXScript from the top menu, and click "Run Script..."
Navigate to the KM folder in the Scripts directory. Select the file called "splineBrancher.mse" and click "Open".

1) Create a series of linked splines approximating the shape of the branches.
2) Set the starting radius for the initial branch.
3) Click "Add a spline" and select the initial branch. Repeat for all additional branches.

What do I get with the full version?

- Set the starting radius of individual branches
- End branches with a radius other than zero
- Use the render radius of the source splines to determine branch thickness

- Move the starting point of the branch closer to the parent


- Increase or decrease the density of your branch geometry
- Display total number of trees, branches, and polygons

- Generate UV Map coordinates that update as you adjust your branches

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Nik's picture

Thanx for update!

Tahnx for undo instead crash max! )

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Oh I understood!

This interpolation occurs if the spline stretched by Bezier. Need just have more knots as smooth.

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Why such interpolation?

On title image all right

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Version 3.0 release

Just a heads up that the full version of SplineBrancher has now been updated to version 3.0. The program has undergone dramatic internal restructuring to make it faster and more stable, and to lay the groundwork for additional features in future releases. There have been no changes to the user interface, so the only difference you are likely to notice is that the program runs much more smoothly now.

The free and full versions of SplineBrancher can still be downloaded from www.versatileartist.com

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Bug fix and news

Two items:

First, one of my users pointed out that the UV mapping was not working correctly in some versions of Max. I have tracked down the cause of the problem and fixed it.
I have already directly emailed those who have purchased the full version (the problem is not relevant to the free version), but I thought I should make it known here in case anyone does not typically check the email address associated with their PayPal account.
The old version of SplineBrancher has also been replaced with the new one at the home page link.

Second, as a result of the posts in this thread, I have gotten into contact with Eduard Danilov from Exlevel (the developer of GrowFX), who seems interested in helping to improve SplineBrancher, as well as incorporate some of its functions into GrowFX.
I am very excited about the possibilities that could potentially result from our collaboration, and would like to thank the posters here for being so proactive!

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good work! this technique

good work! this technique would be nice in GRowFX instead of metamesh. you would get much cleaner results...

best regards

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Thank you, I appreciate the

Thank you, I appreciate the support! :)

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