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Kevin Mackey

Tool to create branching geometry from a series of splines.

The Download URL is for the free version.
Follow the Homepage URL for the full version.

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To install, simply extract SplineBrancher.zip into your 3DS Max directory.

After opening Max, select MAXScript from the top menu, and click "Run Script..."
Navigate to the KM folder in the Scripts directory. Select the file called "splineBrancher.mse" and click "Open".

1) Create a series of linked splines approximating the shape of the branches.
2) Set the starting radius for the initial branch.
3) Click "Add a spline" and select the initial branch. Repeat for all additional branches.

What do I get with the full version?

- Set the starting radius of individual branches
- End branches with a radius other than zero
- Use the render radius of the source splines to determine branch thickness

- Move the starting point of the branch closer to the parent


- Increase or decrease the density of your branch geometry
- Display total number of trees, branches, and polygons

- Generate UV Map coordinates that update as you adjust your branches

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raven's picture

I bought the plugin on the

I bought the plugin on the http://www.versatileartist.com website, it then directed me to a download link for the full version, which does not exist.

trick's picture

Just try

Just try http://www.versatileartist.com (without the maxscript.htm!)

raven's picture

Full version download

The full paid-for version download link doesn't exist.
Have emailed a request as well, waiting on a reply. Thanks

Shleezy's picture

Paid for script - no download link

Hello - I have just purchased your script from the website:

Unfortunately no download link or further info has been forwarded to me.
I have also contacted you via email.

Please provide me with the download.

MrTyner's picture

Neat script, buggy and questions...

Hello, I purchased your script today. It's really great at branching splines as shown!

I'm getting the same behavior as Nik above when starting the script (deleting geometry). It's also crashing on random splines with the message "cannot convert undefined to integer". Do I have to start it every time from the run script dialog or am I doing something wrong? I need to batch this on several thousand splines, is there any way to call your functions from my script?

otto3d's picture

3dsmax 2018

Hi, full version is still avaliable on the site ?
it runs on 3dmax 2018 ?

Malkalypse's picture

Sorry for the long delay in

Sorry for the long delay in my reply! If you are still interested, I think I can answer your question.

The geometry will rebuild and attack automatically if the splines you are using are linked together. Link the child branch splines to the parent branch splines, and make sure the starting points of the branches are at the base of the branch (not the tip).

Nik's picture


Have you tried link splines as bones of the skeleton using the Select and Link?

Shawhir's picture

Unable to Weld

It looks amazing - however maybe I am being silly but I have so far been unable to weld any pieces together.

Is there a key piece to the puzzle that I am missing? Could anyone shed any light?

Malkalypse's picture

Not a bad idea!

I've currently got a few other projects taking my attention, but when I get a chance I will add that. Thanks!

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