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SplineTrace is a MaxScript that can be used to:

- convert a 2D Image into spline shapes, where each spline corresponds to an interior or exterior contour (outline) in the image. Works best on Black/white images but can be used on Colour images by adjusting threshold value.

- create a flat 2D object which corresponds to the "black" areas of the image. Any internal "white" areas are removed from the object.

- quickly turn a plain 2D image into a solid 3D object.

- create a flat 2D shape or 3D Object from an existing spline (not just those created by this script)

All of these operations can be viewed in more detail here:


- Previews now shown as Black on White (instead of White on Black)
- Spline optimisation routines have been tweaked to keep edges straighter on all Optimisation Level settings.

It seems that a couple of bugs sneaked in during the v1.1 update and these have now been corrected.

- Preview option not working when only Find Interior Borders was checked
- 'Unknown System Exception' generated when 'Create 3D Objects' was used when only 'Find Interior Borders' was checked.

-- All mesh creation routines have been stripped and rebuilt, resulting in a 33% reduction in filesize and a 40% reduction in mesh creation times.

-- Fixed an "off by 1" issue where the script bombed when scanning images with pixels that touched the image border.

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This is a Commercial script ($5 USD)

All product updates are provided FREE OF CHARGE to existing customers.

Homepage updates may be slow compared to updates on ScriptSpot, but all new customers will receive the latest version of the script.

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Thank You for script.

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got it, thanks!

got it, thanks!

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just bought it

when can I expect the script?


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Download Link

Due to the numerous Paypal hacks floating around, all downloads are processed manually.

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i purchased it, do I have to

i purchased it, do I have to wait for download link?

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Thanks for the comment.Price

Thanks for the comment.
Price is now $5
Existing customers will continue to get future updates free of charge.

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trial? thats 2035

trial? thats 2035 comment...at least theres a comment here.

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