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Super Render V3.0 is the utility for the people who need to
make really large ,1 frame renders. Is extremely usefull for
people who works in arquitecture and printed graphics in general. This script allows you to brake the render apart into fragments,
in such way that the RAM of the PC doesn´t limit the size of the
final image.

In this version it´s included an option "beta" that
automaticly join the fragments, and then save the final completed
image , it is still in development but it does work, usually fine,
for the moment in images no greater than 8000 x 8000 pixels. If this feature doesn´t work for you, you can still render
the fragments and then join them in the 2D aplication of your


  • Render of a big sized image into fragments
  • Information on the aproximated size of the fragments
  • Render of single fragments 
  • Automatic joining of the fragments
  • Compatible with Scanline Renderer and Mental Ray
  • Enhanced Vray compatibility
  • Output formats: JPG,TGA, BMP
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Just unzip the file, and read the instructions in the readme.html

Version Requirement: 
3ds max 5,6,7,8
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tehs's picture

Hey dude, thx for the cool script!

I want to ask you if there's any way to maybe include a "Fragment Range:" field so that renders that take more time can be resumed from the last rendered piece after being interrupted for whatever reasons?

Right now I'm using "Fragment #" to render each subsequent piece after interrupting last night's session.

I'm using max 2012 x64 + vray

Either way, thank you for sharing this time-saving script!

paranoidx's picture

3D Studio Max 2010

Hi bro,

Is there plan for 3DSMAX 2010 64bit with VRAY yet ? (or it already supported - due to last comment I saw, but a big official support would be greater)
Hope you have time to take this great work into up to date new level.

Thanks bro,
Creative & Architectural Visualization

Dariusz's picture

Havent try it yet, I'm just

Havent try it yet, I'm just rendering 15k image. Btw can I use it to render 15k-30k image and get all the passes + Tiff 16 bit 300+ dpi maybe?

vrayt 1.5 sp5 max 2011 64x

peprgb's picture

actually it works, at least

actually it works, at least with max 2009 32bit and vray

thanks for this tool!!

eligt's picture

Great script, and actually

Great script, and actually works very well.The only things are that  I cant chose the number of segments, and it would be really really great if this script could also render and join different render elements, which are usually very neccessary.

wobi's picture

Hey there, is there any

Hey there, is there any chance of getting a version thats compatible with MAX2009? Would be really really great :

Oh and a support for 32-Bit OpenEXR would be useful as well...

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