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Stick Locator

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Stick Locator
version 1.2

written by Mayec Rancel


Creates a point dummy, and parents it to the reference object's vertex/center,
using controller expressions.

This is useful to parent other objects to a specific part of a deforming
mesh, or an object whose transforms have been 'baked' (e.g. point cache).

I have found it specially useful, in FX work, for particle/fluid emitters.

- Only the 'center' method can be used with splines.
- When using 'vertex' method, the dummy's rotation will align to the

Change Pivot to selected vertices

16 votes

Maxscript for changing the pivot of an object to the selected Vertex.


6 votes

Just a short script that enables you to set a shortcut for the Align Vertex option you have in editable poly.

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