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This script is for animators to Lock any object (great for IK controls) to any temporary parent, such as a handrail or a bone etc, and it bakes the animation. The user can choose to snap the control to the center of the object or with the offset still in place (offset is on by default)

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Bake Animation

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Bake Animation
version 1.2

written by Mayec Rancel


Applies, through keyframing, the transform animations of source object to target object

This script has been tested in 3ds max 2009 x64.

Execute mcr file from 3ds max.
Go to "Customize > Customize User Interface".
In Category "MayecTools" you will find "Bake Animation" which you drag to a toolbar to have as a button, or associate it with a hotkey, etc.


Bake Animation 1.2

Bug Fixes

Bake Animation to new Object

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This simple MaxScript is extremely useful for copying animation from one object to another.

The script is free as part of my scriptpack. Instructions to download all my scripts are here.

To use

Rs PointCache Merger

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This script can be used as an alternative to comercial mesh-cachers like Boomer Labs SuperMesher or Thinkbox Xmesh with the limitation that this works only on animated meshes or objects that does not have any topology changes.

Bake Transform

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Bake animation transform keys to chosen object with specified interval and sample frame step.
Plus reduce keys for chosen object with specified interval, sample frame step and threshold.


Collapse Transform

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Collapse/bake PRS per frame to keyframes for the current time range.
(reserve addition to the built-in Collapse tool)

Hair Baker

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Bakes hair and fur object into animated mesh with point cache or vertex animation.

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